Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pink Table Runner for Dianne

We've had a series of "corporate actions" at my workplace over the past three years. The first one, labelled a "reorganization" resulted in a move to a new position that to put it mildly, I did not like. I suffered a lot of emotional distress for the past 2.5 years, and I wouldn't have gotten through the day without my co-workers, Julie and Dianne. Fortunately, this past September, we had yet another "reorganization" that resulted in a new job that I LOVE!! (Said with fingers crossed, don't want the bad karma to come back...)

I decided to make a quilt for each of my two friends as a token of love for their support and friendship. I did let them know that I wanted to make each of them a quilt, just in case they didn't want one. Julie opted for a quilt, but Dianne wanted a table runner. In theory, a table runner is easier than a quilt, but Julie's quilt was so easy for me. We both love animal prints, and her quilt didn't make the slightest dent in my stash. Dianne asked for a pink table runner to match her pink dining room. While I do have pink fabrics galore, I never realized how hard it is to combine different pinks together!

I finally found the perfect pattern in a free online quilt magazine, Modern By the Yard, Issue One. The design that I used is called Icicles and it appears on page 18. All of the pink fabrics came from my stash. Anyway, here is my finished table runner. I think it is one of the nicest things that I've made in a long time. I wanted to keep it. Fortunately for Dianne, my dining room table is round!
Ironically, this is my friend Julie (who received the animal print quilt) displaying Dianne's table runner. Dianne was absent the day I brought in her gift, so she received it a few days later. She was really surprised!
The road to finishing wasn't without a few mishaps... Right after I sewed the binding to the back, I decided to square it off. Bad mistake! I cut two holes in the binding that I had already sewn on.
This corner has a nice hole in it.
While I managed to slice this corner completely in half.
Choice curse words were uttered and I had to put it aside for a couple of days until I was in the mood to repair it. One corner is slightly wonky, but only noticeable by other experienced quilters!
The fabulous "extreme quilting" was done by my friend and award-winning quilter Karen Pratt. It is the same quilting design that was shown in the magazine.
Here is the table runner in Dianne's pink dining room. It looks very cool on her glass table.
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  1. Aren't pinks deceptive? Neat runner and glad you got a different job!

  2. yes it does look very cool. Beautiful fabrics, very mod design, and great quilting. Cutting a hole in stitched binding, not cool, and you'd hear my curse words from here if that happened to me! What a nice relationship you have at work... a gift. LeeAnna

  3. So glad you are happy at work. :) :) Your tablerunner looks fantastic in it's new home...such a thoughtful gift.

  4. Gorgeous! The pink is striking and the pebbles quilted in the middle are perfect. Lucky friends you have and good luck in your new position!

  5. Wonderful job! The design and quilting are striking! And I'll bet your friend could care less about that one corner. I really enjoy seeing where gifted quilty things are actually used. Thanks for the story!

  6. You used the perfect combination of pinks in this table runner. It really looks great on the table in the pink dining room.

  7. I love the design of your runner, great use of gorgeous pinks!

  8. That table runner looks really great, thank you for sharing the link to the pattern.

  9. The day goes by so much faster when you like what you do. What wonderful gifts for those who supported you. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  10. That is a beautiful table runner, and a lovely gift for your friend! I would have a hard time making something all pink like that, too - not much pink in my stash at all. But it sounds your friend was worth figuring it all out!

  11. This is a cool table runner, like it very much!

  12. Wow Nancy your table topper is gorgeous,i love it in the pink,i am also your newest follower,hope you will visit and follow me too. Your new runner looks fantastic on the table xx