Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gifts for Julie and Jim

I made this over-sized lap quilt for my friend Julie at work. The photo looks kind of naked without my favorite model LarryPug on it.
Julie wanted her quilt to be lightweight, so I opted not to use any batting and put yummy leopard print minkee on the back for something soft to cuddle with.
There are lots of wonderful animal prints in Julie's quilt. I have collected them for years. Julie's favorite fabric is the tiger stripes.
This quilt was beautifully machine quilted by my friend Val who blogs at Val's Quilting Studio.
Check out my new leopard print sneakers!
I made this Star Trek fleece blanket for my friend Jim. Luckily LarryPug was available to model. Jim loves his new throw and is buying a new leather couch to go with it! That's the ultimate compliment!
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Pugs and kisses,


  1. Hi Nancy! Julie and Jim are so lucky! That animal print looks so warm and cozy and what guy wouldn't want Star Trek! Great finishes!

  2. Lucky friends! Love the shoes! Hope they are comfy as well as stylish. And a new quilt sounds like the best excuse for a new sofa. :)

  3. Oh what nice gifts. For some reason I feel like letting out a big roar!!!

  4. Love the tiger print too. Leopard and cheetah are oh so overdone. :D Miss seeing the pug boys, Larry you are looking as handsome as ever.

  5. I like the animal print amalgamation.

  6. I trust Jim will live long and prosper! Fabulous camouflage quilt and the minky back sounds so soft. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  7. Love your quilt and especially the shoes!

  8. Oh your shoes just cracked me up!!! And the quilt looks fantastic done!Your choice of binding is perfect.

  9. There are some amazing prints in that quilt and your shoes are fabulous!