Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: Pug Art

Today I share with you the pug artwork that is slowly invading our house. I'm beginning to worry that our dining room is starting to look like the Museum of Bad Art... There is actually such a museum. It is in the basement of our small community art theater, not so coincidentally next to the mens' room. The smell just adds to the ambiance. The next time you're in my area, you'll have to check it out.

My first contribution was this pug wall hanging that I had framed instead of quilted. This is a fused quilt and there are approximately one zillion pieces in it. I made this several years ago. I believe that I blogged about it, but searched and couldn't find the entry, so don't ask me for the pattern name.
Not everyone can boast of an original Pugcasso in their dining room.
Then Mike and I purchased this cute pug print at a Newburyport dog shop.
Our friends Mike and Christine gave us this print as a gift.
I painted this portrait of LarryPug at a paint night with my friends. I'm considering donating it to the Museum of Bad Art. Or maybe I'll just leave it to them in my will.
Mike bought me this pug plaque as a gift.
Our friend Cindy bought us this pug art when we adopted Caesar last year.
Our latest addition came from my brother Gary and his wife Susie. I have not had a chance to frame it and hang it yet, although I have purchased the frame.
Here is the pug art as shown in the gallery, aka, dining room, aka dog room. Only three pieces are actually hung. The others are on top of the dog crates. We are planning to remodel our kitchen this spring, so the pug wall will be moving... I think there is plenty of space in our basement..
Here are the Pug Boys in their native habitat, aka, sitting next to my kitchen chair in hopes of a handout.
When sitting and looking cute isn't good enough, the next step is to climb on my knee and look pitiful.
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  1. Puggies are adorable. My son had one and I LOVED him! Those are some great pieces for your gallery!

  2. I think the art and the pups are adorable!!

  3. Love your pug art! I am going to repost your links to the Quilts of Resistance for an AtoZ Challenge post next month.

  4. Well I adore your museum of "bad art" I actually found myself chuckling outloud at a few of them :)

  5. Museum of 'bad art'. I love your pieces though. Kind of like my day of the dead chihuahua piece I bought recently? That last pictures. OMG Larry is so cute. Caesar is too, but Larry....he's got the pitiful look down.