Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: Pug Bracelets

Welcome to another fascinating edition of Pugtastic Tuesday where I showcase some of my never ending pug collectibles and usually throw in a gratuitous photo of my handsome pug boys. The good thing about starting this series is that it forces me to write at least once a week, which in turn, usually forces me to write more than once a week so that you will know that I am doing some sort of quilting or at least buying some fabric.

This week, I show off my pug bracelets. Unlike some of my other collectibles, which have been gifted to me by well-meaning friends and relatives and might not be something I would choose myself or that I necessarily want to decorate my home or office with, I truly love my pug bracelets. Two of the bracelets are available commercially and several have been custom made for me.

This is the first pug bracelet that I had custom made on Etsy back in 2008. I sent photos and charms and she made this wonderful bracelet for me. It is extra special because Mike took all of the photos of Romeo and Elvis, my first two pugs. Sadly Romeo passed away last April, but Elvis is still going strong at 15 1/2. This artist is no longer on Etsy.

The small blue beads and the tiny polymer pugs (which you can see in greater detail in the second photo) are actually intended to be stitch markers for knitting. They are still available from sellers, WeeOnes and Beadmarkers.
My bracelet is chock full of charms, beads and photos. Some of the little pugs have fallen off. Fortunately there are lots of baubles and dangles on this piece, so it still looks good.
Detail of the bracelet above.
I love this photo of Romeo and Elvis waiting at the gate. To get this photo, I am on the other side of the gate and Mike took this photo from behind them.
Another cute photo of Romeo and Elvis in their youth.
I purchased this bracelet on Etsy in 2012. The shop is called BeadPassion.
Detail from bracelet above. There is a charm with Romeo's name and Elvis' name.
I bought this bracelet many years ago at jeweler Erwin Pearl. They still sell dog breed jewelry. It only came with the large pug on the far right. I had the other two tiny pug charms added later. They came inside my hinged miniature pug boxes, seen here.
Detail of the bracelet above.
Detail of the bracelet above.
This is probably one of my favorite bracelets ever because Mike and my Mom have bought the pug charms for me over the past ten years. It is sterling silver and it is made by Esquivel and Fees. They also sell on Etsy as EFSilver. I highly recommend their work. It is exquisite. They make all types of dog breed jewelry and other animals as well. I had the good fortune to visit their shop (which I found by accident) the last time I attended the Houston Quilt Festival.
Detail from the bracelet above. Shown are the Pug in a Basket, the two pugs in a heart and Elvis' birthstone charm. Romeo and LarryPug also have birthstone charms. I would get one for Caesar except that he and LarryPug both have March birthdays. Perhaps I will get a charm with his name on it. I think I need to get a tiny silver PugMom license plate!
I thought I bought this bracelet on Etsy, but I can not find it listed in my past purchases. I may have bought it at a craft show. The pugs have very silly faces. They remind me of Caesar with his tongue hanging out!
I bought this bracelet in 2012 from the shop Livilubaby. It was custom made for me by Denise and Katie, a talented Mother-Daughter team in Oregon.
Detail from the bracelet above.
This photo taken tonight by PugDaddy Mike. Cuddle buddies, LarryPug and Elvis. I may have to have this printed to hang in our house. It is so adorable.
In case any of you are wondering, I do not have a diamond studded pug bracelet. It would make an excellent addition to my collection.

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  1. Wow who would have thought there was so much pug jewelry. OMG that pic is fabulous. I think it needs to be made into a canvas print.

  2. er....Mike...I think your wife is trying to tell you something...diamond...studded...pug...bracelet...Just saying! Ha...Love all the bracelets. Very pretty!

  3. By the way - have you seen the pug quilt by The Red Boot Company?