Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: Pugs at Work!

Not surprisingly, my cubicle at work is decorated with pug paraphernalia. All my "doubles" go there, plus there are lots of Pug Pack photos as well as cute little pug memes hanging all over the place.
This is Edmond. He waves (via solar power) from atop my cubicle wall. I bought him on Amazon. Lately he hasn't waved much, not enough sunshine in New England for his liking.
Naturally, I have a pug calendar. I also had a Thunder Down Under calendar until my manager suggested that it might not be workplace appropriate...
This is the shelf above my desk.
I have two of these cute little pug mirrors (at left). One is in my bedroom at home and one came to live in my office. This pug card is from my birthday last year, but of course, I'm keeping it.
This is Rollo from Disney's Puppy Dog Pals.

This is my mouse pad. If you look closely you can see that Mike added Elvis and Romeo to the classic Dogs Playing Poker painting. This image was our holiday card one year.
This cute magnet hangs on my overhead file door.
Another cute magnet that also lives on my file door.
Another saved birthday card plus a fabulous quilt magnet featuring zebra print and hot pink made by my sweet co-worker Dianne.
My co-worker Luis sent me this cute little stuffed Doug the Pug after I helped him during his orientation.
Obviously this is not a pug sign, but I love it. My friend Dianne made it for me as a holiday gift this year. It's totally me, complete with glitter!
My former co-worker, Sue, made me this cute picture frame with a photo of Romeo and Elvis during their glorious youth, way before the days of LarryPug and Caesar.
This is my co-worker Audrey's black pug named Buckley.
My good friend Eleanor bought me this gorgeous pug ornament and snazzy stand.
Pug memes never fail to amuse me. My co-worker Jason sends them to me constantly.
Pug yin and yang.
This guy looks just like Caesar, complete with tongue hanging out!
I found this image on the Internet and thought it would make a great quilt pattern.
Of course, there are photos of my handsome husband Mike and our beautiful pug boys. You saw my pug mugs previously.
Lily visited us on Saturday and gave LarryPug, left, and Caesar, right, some great pug cuddles.
Thanks for visiting! Come back soon to see what fun Lily and I got up to!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. I totally agree with you that that print would make a great quilt pattern....especially if you made it into a lap size quilt!! Thanks for getting us an insight to your pug life at work.

  2. So much pugalicious fun. I agree with Val a pug quilt would be fun.