Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: 2018 Pug Rescue of New England 5k

Welcome to another edition of Pugtastic Tuesday. There will be a quilt-related post later this week, but for now, let's visit with the Pug Pack.
From left to right, Caesar, LarryPug and Elvis.
This past Saturday, Mike and I, along with Elvis, LarryPug and Caesar, participated in the annual Pug Rescue of New England (P.R.O.N.E.) annual 5k run/walk. We started participating in 2013 and have walked every year, except last year when our nephew Josh graduated from high school on the same day. We adopted our adorable Caesar from P.R.O.N.E. last August, so we thought it was extra important to participate this year as a thank you for our wonderful new boy.
Here is Elvis, the littlest racer. I gave him my number and we put Mike's number on the stroller.
Saturday morning dawned hot and muggy, but we brought the Pug Pack with us anyway. There is lots of water for the dogs at the race, plus we had the mini pugmobile with us in case LarryPug and Caesar got too tired or too hot (Elvis was planning on riding the whole way, regardless). We knew that we weren't planning on walking the whole 3 miles this year since we had an appointment to race to (figuratively, not literally) back at home.
Here is the whole family at the race. All of the Pug Boys were in the stroller by the end of the race, but Elvis is hidden in the back. If you look closely, you can see him behind LarryPug's tail.

Everyone wanted to know what our shirts said. Here is Mike's shirt. Sorry for the bad photo, Mike didn't know I was taking his picture, but I just wanted you to be able to see his shirt, since it's obscured in the photo above. I'm represented by the hot, sexy pin-up silhouette complete with pug. Although really, she should have three pugs.
Here's the shirt that I'm wearing. My Pug Boys bought it for me for Mother's Day.
Thanks for visiting!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. And you're a quilting PugMom on top of that, so three times the cool! :)

  2. How cool the pug boys work to help other underprivileged pugs. Love Mike's shirt. But yours is awesome too.