Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wishing You a Very, Merry Zombie Christmas

For the gal (or guy) who has everything, let me introduce you to Zombie Christmas Cards.

My brother, noted independent comic book author, Gary Cohen, is producing these cards. You too can own a set by pledging to back his kickstarter campaign here. Personally I prefer our pug holiday cards that my husband Michael designs each year, but my brother has assured me that photos of one's offspring are "so 1975" and can be seen on Facebook (or my blog). I'm giving the cards to my nephews, age 17 and 14. I'm sure they will enjoy them.

My brother Gary loves comic books the way I love fabric. When I got my driver's license (way back in high school days), my little brother Gary was always happy to take a ride with me to the original Fabric Place in old downtown Framingham, since his favorite comic book store was down the street. Ironically, Sewphisticates now resides in the former Fabric Place location, and Fabric Place (now renamed Fabric Place Basement) reopened a couple of miles away in Natick.

Gary has always been supportive of my sewing efforts. I used to make him Hawaiian shirts and jam-style shorts in all types of crazy fabrics. I found one of the shirts I made for Gary a few months ago when Mike and I were cleaning out old boxes in the basement. It must have gotten mixed up with my sewing stuff when I moved from my old apartment (14 years ago) to my house. Since I made it for Gary when he was in high school, I'm sure it wouldn't fit him anymore. But it fits my nephew Sam, age 17, perfectly. Sam also likes wacky clothes like his Aunt Nancy.

Here I am with my handsome nephew Sam. He loves his retro shirt.
He wore it to school for "90's Day" -- only a decade or
so behind when I actually made it!
The other day I found a shirt that I had started to make for Gary and never finished (a truly ancient UFO). I'm going to finish it for Sam, so he'll have a second Aunt Nancy shirt for his collection.

I hope that today's blog post wasn't too scary!

Pugs and kisses,

If you're not afraid of zombies, you can watch my brother's zombie video here.

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