Monday, September 15, 2014

The Big Reveal! Row by Row Exchange, Group One

When you can't be there in person, your head on a stick is the next best thing!
Did I tell you that the only bummer part of going on a beach vacation last week was that I would miss the Row by Row swap official reveal? Yes, Mike and I left for the beach last Saturday and on Sunday, my Brown Bagger buddies met and everyone got their quilt top back!

Here is mine. Since I couldn't be there in person, Joannie very thoughtfully put my head on a stick. I was feeling a little like Marie Antoinette when I opened this photo in my email!
I love my Pug quilt!
The top row was made by Lexine; the next row is my starting row; Pat made the row with the pink bicycle and Nancy D. made the row with the purple bench from my garden. Joanne E. finished my quilt off with the vertical row that reads: Pugs in the Garden! The colors are a little washed out in the photo, however my quilt is stunning in person and I am thrilled!

Next, here is Lexine with her quilt. Lexine's theme was Christmas. She is very fond of country colors.

Joannne E. made the top row; the next row is Lexine's starting row; Nancy D. made the holly; I made the Christmas presents and Pat made the Christmas stockings.

Here is Pat with her quilt. Pat wanted a beach theme and she hopes to hang her quilt at her daughter's beach cottage once it is finished.
Joanne E. made the top row with sun hats, sunglasses and dolphins; the next row is Pat's starting row of flip flops; Lexine made the beach ball row; Nancy D. made the seashell row and I made the row of fish. Pat's quilt is also very bright and fun, for some reason, the colors in the photo are washed out.

Here is Joanne E. with her quilt. Joanne really challenged us with her theme which was, Put the kettle on, call friends, put your purse away, kick off your shoes, take off your hat and quilt!
Joanne typically uses a lot of browns, so I was thrilled with the fabric choices that she provided in her bag. Joanne's row is on top; I made the second row in her quilt (My friends Karen and Kate from Berkshire Quilts came to my rescue. Karen redrafted the star pattern to fit Joanne's row size and Kate made me the letter templates); Pat made the row with sewing notions; Lexine added the row of teapots; Nancy D. gave the quilt a funny conclusion with Turn your lamp on, put on some fuzzy slippers, sit in your comfy chair, read a good book and have a martini!

Nancy D. organized our Row by Row swap and participated in both groups to give us an even number of participants (thanks Nance!). She was a busy sewer!

Here is Nancy D. with her quilt that was in our group. It has a music theme. Nancy is going to give it to her niece, who is a musician, as a gift.
Nancy D. made the starting row at the top; Joanne E. made the piano keys with appliqued jazz cats; I made the row of guitars (my husband Mike helped me draft the patterns); Pat made the row with the gramophone; record player, records and boom box; Lexine made the pieced blocks with the music fabric.

The Row by Row quilts from Group One.
A very special thanks to Joannie for photographing all of the Row by Row quilts for me.
If you look closely, you'll see that Joannie is no amateur paparazzo,
she's wearing a press pass that reads, Official Blog Photographer.
Next blog post, The Big Reveal from Group Two!

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  1. All of you girls are so talented! Very, very nice quilts!!

  2. They're all so beautiful!!! It wa fun watching you work in them.

  3. ROFL. She had a Nancy Mask! Your quilt is cute.