Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Big Reveal! Row by Row Exchange, Group Two

The Gals from Group Two (left to right): Joannie, Nancy D., Debbie, Val,
Kim P. (head on a stick) and Kim G. (holding Kim P.'s head and her quilt)
Here is the happy Row by Row gang from Group Two. By coincidence, both Joannie and Nancy chose a sewing theme and used the same pattern for their starting row. You'll see that both quilts came out completely different. Debbie had a Spring theme. Val had a snowman theme. Kim P.'s theme was Anything that makes me smile!

I apologize in advance for not being able to give credit for each row in the individual quilts of Group Two. I know which row Joannie made in each quilt because we usually worked on our Row by Row quilts together on Monday nights.

Here is Joannie's sewing quilt (obtained late at night after a frantic phone call). How embarrassing is it that my own personal papparazzo forgot to give me a photo of her own quilt? If Joannie can ever get her daughter Jill to move out, this will look great in her new sewing room... I have to give Nancy D. a shout out for the intricate paper pieced sewing notions blocks. Joannie's starting row is the one with the cute little black featherweight.

Here is Nancy D.'s sewing quilt. Nancy made the starting row with the sewing machine; Kim P. made the row of quilt shops (they each are named for one of our favorite local quilt shops); Joannie made the row that included Nancy's penguin pin cushion that she made in our wool felting class this past May.
Nancy's quilt will hang in her new sewing room!
Here is Val's snowman quilt. Val's starting row were the paper pieced snowman with the hats. Joannie made the top row. It came out really cute and Val can display it all winter, which is sometimes quite long here in Massachusetts!

Here is Debbie's Spring quilt. I can't remember which row Debbie made and she isn't in the photo shoot from the Row by Row Kickoff. Joannie made the row of rain boots. The colors in Debbie's quilt are very pastel and pretty, unfortunately washed out by the camera.
Debbie invited paper Nancy and paper Kim along for her photo op!
Here is Kim P.'s quilt. Her theme was Anything that makes me smile! She made the top row with the two cats who have dimensional tails. Joannie made the second row with the birds and the flower. Check out the mice in a maze, also with dimensional tails, and the cats with the goldfish. And there are happy flowers on the bottom!
Stunt double
The real Kim P!
Kim also got to have her head on a stick (thanks Joannie), but she popped in for a brief visit along with her Mom and Dad, Caroline and Ken. Kim's Mom is also a quilter and Kim's Dad invented the pin catchers made out of flip flops.
To see the Group One Row by Row quilts, click here.

Here are all ten of the Row by Row quilts. Aren't they fabulous?
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  1. So many pretty quilts. There are some great quilters in your groups.

  2. whew!! What a wonderful two posts on this project. I love love the heads on a pike idea. So silly and fun your group! (jealous...) Bet this was fun, and a relief to finish both. It was a big undertaking. So glad you are back, and that you took time away so you could come back refreshed to entertain me with your posts. LeeAnna