Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat

My friend Kim P. sent me the two photos below of some of her newly finished projects. The Scottie Dog is a free pattern that can be found here. The cat is a purchased pattern, called Flatty Cats by La Todera. You can find it here.

They are so adorable! I love the bright, fun colors that Kim used. The stuffed dogs and cats reminded me of this poem that I had heard as a child.

The Duel

by Eugene Field

The gingham dog and the calico cat
Side by side on the table sat;
‘T was half-past twelve, and (what do you think!)
Nor one nor t’ other had slept a wink!
      The old Dutch clock and the Chinese plate
      Appeared to know as sure as fate
There was going to be a terrible spat.
            (I was n’t there; I simply state
            What was told to me by the Chinese plate!

The gingham dog went “Bow-wow-wow!”
And the calico cat replied “Mee-ow!”
The air was littered, an hour or so,
With bits of gingham and calico,
      While the old Dutch clock in the chimney-place
      Up with its hands before its face,
For it always dreaded a family row!
            (Now mind: I’m only telling you
            What the old Dutch clock declares is true!

The Chinese plate looked very blue,
And wailed, “Oh, dear! what shall we do!”
But the gingham dog and the calico cat
Wallowed this way and tumbled that,
      Employing every tooth and claw
      In the awfullest way you ever saw—
And, oh! how the gingham and calico flew!
            (Don’t fancy I exaggerate—
            I got my news from the Chinese plate!

Next morning, where the two had sat
They found no trace of dog or cat;
And some folks think unto this day
That burglars stole that pair away!
      But the truth about the cat and pup
      Is this: they ate each other up!
Now what do you really think of that!
            (The old Dutch clock it told me so,
            And that is how I came to know.

This poem is in the public domain. I found it here.

I have been doing some sewing, but I have nothing remotely interesting to show you. I've made a few pillowcases, a fleece Star Trek blanket, and last night I sewed together a zillion (ok, half a zillion) 2.5 inch half square triangles. I thought Kim's projects would make a better blog post. Thanks Kim P.

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  1. They would be cute made out of gingham. I think I changed the shape of the big cat, a boo boo in sewing.

  2. Those are adorable!! Don't envy your HSTs, they (and pins) are my nemesis. Maybe if I made a zillion (or half a zillion) of them is get better and like them more... But not a risk I'm willing to take :-).

  3. Made a zillion huh or at least half a zillion? ROFL I think making a zillion HST would be comparable to quilting For Ev ER!