Monday, September 1, 2014

A Studio Double Header

September is National Sewing Month! Hooray! Today I celebrated by sewing in The Studio with Marion in the morning and sewing with Joannie in the evening. In between, Mike and I went to a cookout at Beth and Judi's house (part of the Thursday Night gang), so I got to talk about quilting some more. I try never to skip a party at Beth and Judi's house, they are both great cooks. Plus, this time Judi sent us home with fresh from the garden cucumbers and hand dipped chocolate marshmallows! Naturally I will eat the marshmallows and Mike will eat the cucumbers...

Joannie and I are busy with secret sewing. She was making Birthday Blocks (you can read more about our Birthday Block exchange here) and I completed the last row for our six month secret Row by Row exchange, which will take place this Sunday. I LOVE my final row which is for Pat's quilt, but I can't show it to you because Pat will see it here. I will give you one clue... it goes with Pat's beach theme and the colors I used were hot pink, turquoise, and orange, with a tiny spark of lime green.
This is the row I started with in May. Soon I will see the finished top!

Happily, I can show you Marion's projects. Marion brought her newest project and her second to oldest UFO. She finished the center of her batik quilt, which was her newest project in progress. She is going to add an outer border to make it a little bigger. Right now it is about 50"x60".

Aren't the colors pretty? They look like rainbow sherbert.

Here is Marion with her Round Robin quilt. Our Brown Bagger quilt group did this exchange at least 20 years ago. Marion finally put the binding on it. She just needs to sew it down to the back. Unlike me, Marion likes to finish her bindings by hand. It is hand quilted. Mine is long gone. I donated it to a charity raffle at work. The person who got it really wanted it and was thrilled to have won it.
Although I took two photos, I managed to get Marion with
her eyes closed both times. If you look at the photo above,
you can see what she looks like with her eyes open.
Next time, I'll take three photos.
I am three Birthday Blocks away from being caught up with all my sewing obligations! Then I can do some selfish sewing and work on my two Scrap Wave quilts.

Remember, you get to celebrate National Sewing Month all month long! I recommend lots of fabric buying and chocolate, not necessarily in that order.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Sounds like a day made in heaven Nancy!
    I love Marion's batik quilt!

  2. Wow time flys! I can't believe your row by row quilts are done. I can't wait to see that post!! Good for you getting your sewing obligations done.