Thursday, January 15, 2015

A little Florida quilting fun

Last week, despite my horrific cold, Mike and I went to Florida for a few days to visit my parents. Usually we try to go when my brother and his family visit from CA, but this year they chose to travel the week between Christmas and New Year's when everything triples in price. So we held off and made our trip the first week of January, which happened to coincide with the coldest day of the month (so far) back home in Massachusetts.

It was zero degrees at home, but Mike and I enjoyed bagels on our hotel balcony in Florida.
If you look over Mike's shoulder, you can see the Atlantic ocean!
Even though it was only in the sixties, and the weather was cloudy, I was not complaining!!

I got to spend one day with my friend and virtual co-worker Anna, who now lives in Florida. I took her to her first quilt show in West Palm Beach!
A nice lady took our picture, but it is blurry.

This is what we look like when we're in focus. Anna is on the right.
This is the gorgeous quilt we stood in front of in our blurry photo. It was made by a quilter in Israel.
The colors are much more gorgeous in person.
Anna enjoyed the quilt show and bought a few patterns and some fabric. She has always been a crafter and enjoys sewing, and now wants to venture into quilting. She is going to start by making yo yo's. It wasn't my idea, but she was thought they were really cute and easy to make. The vendor even sold her a yo yo template to make them with!
This was Anna's favorite quilt in the show.
I flirted with this rainbow colored rayon batik, but decided it had too much yellow in it.
This would be fine for a quilt, but I wanted to use it for a jacket.
Here's my loot from the quilt show. I was pretty good. One magazine, one pattern, some beautiful rayon batik to use with the pattern, one amazing Wilma Flintstone style bracelet, and a bundle of fabric.
The next day, Mike and I met Anna and her husband Ben for breakfast at FirstWatch. I finally got to meet their little boy Logan who is now 18 months old. He is very cute!
Here are baby Logan and Dad Ben.
Logan is very good at eating with a fork. He ate an entire blueberry pancake that was bigger than he was!
Another highlight of my very quick trip was finally getting to meet my friend Kat who blogs at Made with Love and Ladybug Hugs! We've been corresponding for a long time (I think she was one of my very first blogging friends) and the last time we were in Florida, she was in New York, so our meeting has been a long time coming!
Here is Kat, blonde, skinny, and beautiful. Am I jealous? Only a little bit.
We met at StitchCraft in Boca Raton and spent a very quick hour fabric shopping. I've only been to StitchCraft once before. It is a great shop with a huge selection of everything!!! Kat and I determined that we should have a Florida quilt retreat soon! Thank you, Kat for the adorable hot pink leopard zipper bag and matching key fob!
Here I am with my parents. My Dad turns 85 on Saturday!
Here's how big my niece and nephew have grown since last year! My Mom says it looks like she is standing in a hole!
My Mom wanted to take a group selfie!
Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Awe you look like you had a ball. I am green with enjoying sun and sand, me with my happy rear freezing behind the wheel of the school bus. Your family is adorable!

  2. It was SO great to finally meet you! I'm really glad it worked out this year and I wasn't kidding about the quilt retreat :-). Thank you for the sweet compliments, too. You've been a great blogging friend and I'm thrilled that we are now "in person" friends as well. Please thank Mike for his amazing patience as we shoppedd. He's a keeper!!

  3. What a great trip, even if you were a little under the weather. But at least you were in warm weather. ;) Love the group selfie!

  4. I am new to applique, I believe that I would use the squares in applique.