Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Kerfuffle of Quilters, Cape Cod, Part 1

What do you get when you put 13 women in one room with lots of fabric, sewing machines, and snacks? A Kerfuffle of Quilters! Marion invented a new plural word to describe a group of quilters. I also suggested "a bolt of quilters" or "a convergence of quilters" in homage to Ricky Timms, but "Kerfuffle is so much fun to say! Can you guess that Marion likes crossword puzzles?

We were inspired by Kate who was reading us plural names for animals over the weekend. Perhaps you've heard of "a murder of crows" or "a flamboyance of flamingos." I own a "grumble" of pugs.

Pat takes home the award for Most Tenacious Quilter. Pat's sewing machine froze on Friday while she was quilting a baby quilt. Yes, froze up with the needle in the quilt. Kate was able to extricate the quilt for her, but the machine needs to go in for repair.

What do you do when you are planning to sew for three days at a quilt weekend and your machine breaks on your very first day? Pat made a two hour round trip to her beach cottage and picked up her spare machine. If she had been forced to drive all the way home, it would have been a four hour trip! Our back-up plan was to send Pat to Joann Fabrics and have her purchase an inexpensive machine.
Pat is all smiles in this photo modelling a new bib
for Grandson Ryan, but she had a hard day on Friday.
This is Pat's Singer 301. Unlike her modern predecessor, the 301 happily sewed all weekend.
Pat bought this machien at the Brimfield Antiques Fair many years ago.
The old classics always work!
Did you notice Pat's SewEzi table in the photo above? We never travel light to a quilt weekend. Most of the girls own one of these (sadly, I don't), and many also bring their own chair, iron, and ironing board.

Undeterred by her unplanned intermission, Pat even made three pillowcases for her grandchildren and a fleece baby blanket.

Pat also finished this beautiful quilt top from our 2014 Birthday Blocks. She is keeping this one for her bedroom. Yeah Pat!
More than 50 Shades of Grey in this quilt!
We locked Sally in the quilt room until she finished the top of her 2013 Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Mystery Quilt. You may notice that Sally changed one of the alternating blocks which made her quilt even prettier than Bonnie's original.
Let me out!!
Adding borders
A close-up.
The finished top. A beauty!
The design wall behind Sally's table looked like a rotating art installation.
Day 1: A baby quilt for Sharon's new grand baby. 
Sharon is Sally's sister-in-law and an honorary Brown Bagger.
Love the monkey!

Day 2: Sally made the stuffed fish for her grandson, who is recovering from surgery.
The pinwheel blocks are for another project, but it looks like the fish is blowing quilty bubbles.
Day 3: More pinwheels. The scrappy blocks on the right belong to Joan S.
Here is Sally's pinwheel production line!
Sharon often joins us for quilt weekends but couldn't make it this time. However, she had exciting news to share with us via email and Facebook! Congratulations to Sharon, who had not one, but two new grandsons on Saturday, February 1st! One was born in Pittsburgh and the other in Seattle! Don't worry, Sharon, Sally is hard at work on baby quilt #2.

Here's an update on our Most Admired Quilt Top from our November 2014 Quilt Weekend:
Borders are on and it's ready to be quilted.
This quilt top was made by Joan S., pictured above, and it is a gift for her son who lives in NYC.

Sew much more to come from our Cape weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Kerfuffle is fun to say! All the projects are just beautiful but my favorite is the 2013 Bonnie Hunter quit. It's amazing!! The best picture is of the fish blowing lots of pinwheel bubbles. Too cute!

  2. Looks like fun was had by the whole Kerfuffle! Great projects love the altered easy street, and the fish is just too cute.

  3. I always love reading about your quilt weekends. They look like so much fun! Looking forward to a mini version here in Florida one of these days (hint, hint).

  4. I love Sally's Easy Street border. Might have to steal that idea.

  5. Sally being heald hostage cracked me up!! Can not imagine my machine breaking the first day!! You guys came up with a great solution!