Monday, February 16, 2015

When The Shovel Breaks...

We got more snow over the weekend. I keep thinking about the pretty bulbs I planted last Fall and hope they are sleeping well underneath their six foot high blanket of snow. I wonder if they will even be able to come up, when the snow finally melts in July.
These mounds are at least Triple D!
If you stand inside the house and look out my front door, our yard looks like a giant post-modern sculpture of a very voluptuous woman lying on her back.

Mike and I managed to go out on Friday night for a pre-Valentine's Day dinner. Since my only condition was that the restaurant have a parking lot and no wait time, we ended up at Pizzeria Uno. I had the portabello mushroom ravioli which was kind of salty, but was able to wash it down with my giant cookie sundae.

The snow started on Saturday afternoon and was coming down hard by 7pm. What do you do when you're snowed in for the weekend?

On Saturday afternoon, I went over to my Studio and cut out a bunch of projects to bring over to the house.

I fired up my little pink featherweight and did some sewing on Sunday. Isn't she gorgeous? I bought her as a birthday gift (from me to me) last year on eBay. Her name is Pinky Tuscadero. Of course, I had to buy her the pink table from Pottery Barn kids. My friend Lee Anna made me the adorable pink owl pincushion.
Pinky sews like a dream!
Romeo and LarryPug played a vigorous game of Hop on Pop with PugDaddy, Mike.
We watched two movies, Saving Mr. Banks (thumbs down) and Philomena (thumbs up). We took a nap every day. Mike attempted to get caught up with his never-ending supply of Time magazine.

My sweet husband bought me chocolate truffles and roses and made me a special Valentine's dinner on Saturday which included filets with assorted mushrooms in a wine sauce, fingerling potatoes and roasted asparagus. He also surprised me with an amazing chocolate mousse cake for dessert!
Elvis and Romeo watched Mike avidly in case he drops anything while cooking.
LarryPug invited himself to dinner!
His newest trick--he can jump on the kitchen chair and reach the table.
There was a lot of shoveling! We were both shoveling on Saturday night at 11pm when Mike's shovel broke. Time to call it quits for the evening. Fortunately, we have plenty of shovels.
Mike to the rescue! Small dogs gotta go!
Lots and lots of snow! I have lived here my whole life and I have NEVER seen this much snow at one time.
LarryPug on the pug track!
Goodbye fence!
Goodbye shed!
Goodbye back yard!
The snow is soft and powdery like sugar and it is easy to shovel; however, not so easy when you now need to lift your shovel over your shoulder to find a place to put it!
Goodbye front yard!
Snow double selfie! Boston Blizzard 2015
Ironically, this is a "before" photo, on Saturday afternoon.
Thanks for visiting and for your snow condolences!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. OMG all that snow! We could sure use some here in western Colorado. It was 65 degrees on Saturday when we went on a Valentine's Day picnic and hike. I wore short sleeves and capris and wish I had actually worn shorts. Your Featherweight is gorgeous! I have a minty white one that I adore. Glad you made great use of your snowed in weekend!

  2. Ugh, so much snow! We are getting ours now but we are not used to it like Mass is

  3. That is too much snow! Larry is so cute at the table. You are going to run out of room to pile your snow if you get anymore.

  4. Oh Nancy! You make me laugh!! I love the description of the snow mounds. I was wondering if you had Mike tie a rope to your sewing studio so you could find your way back home. Pinky is too cute! I've never seen a pink featherlight. It suits you well.

  5. So. Much. Snow!! I lived in Upstate NY for 22 years and don't remember ever seeing that much at one time. Love the pug path and I'm glad you got some sewing done. Love the pink machine, how fun!