Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back to School!

September is here and my best 6-year old gal pal is heading off to first grade! How on earth did Lily get so big? And she's riding a 2-wheeler now too! I had lunch with her last week so we could catch-up. We both like Panera's macaroni and cheese.
Here I am with Lily. We've been having lunch together since she was an infant. Her Dad Jeff is a former co-worker and a very dear friend of mine. He is now a professional photographer and took the photos at my wedding to Mike.
I had to make Lily some back to school owl pillowcases. Lily is crazy for owls.
Lily surprised me with a present she had made. It's a popsicle stick picture frame. I'll have to put our picture in it.
Lily gets her good looks from these two people: Mom Dorothy and Dad Jeff. Aren't they cute?
It's also back to school for niece Rachel and nephew Sam, both college freshman (at CalPoly and Wentworth Institute); nephew Josh who started 11th grade; and nephew Ben who became a high school freshman. Ironically, you're never too old for Aunt Nancy's pillowcases, Rachel just requested some for her college dorm room.
Lily informed me over lunch that there is a gap in her seasonal owl pillowcase collection, so I'm on the hunt for Birthday-themed owl fabric and Easter-themed owl fabric. Let me know if you've seen any. She does have: Christmas owls, Halloween owls, Valentine owls and Saint Patrick's day owls.  And if you come up with any other owl-print holiday fabric, bring it on! Last night, I won a piece of 4th of July owls on Ebay, so one less holiday to search for.

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  1. Good Afternoon Nancy, How adorable is Lily and I love the little photo frames that she made especially for you. You will have so much fun finding photographs to fit inside the frames.
    Any little girl would love your pillowcases and how wonderful that your niece also would like one to take away with her.... a lovely reminder of home.
    I wanted to let you know that I have received your email, but only found it yesterday, because believe it or not, when I returned from India I had over a 1,000 emails to go through.... phew quite a lot.
    Have a fabulous day and love to Elvis, Romeo and Larry.
    Best Wishes as always.

  2. Awww...such a great picture for that nice new frame! They grow up too quickly.

    Which Cal Poly? Three of ours went to SLO.

  3. that is a great connection. Those pillow cases are special too. I'll keep my eyes peeled for owl fabrics you might need. LeeAnna

  4. Wow! We all made the blog! We love the back to school pillowcases! Thanks for having lunch with us!

  5. Cute picture of you two. I know that my grands like them. Cute pillowcases.