Sunday, August 4, 2013

My week, my friends, our quilts

I am lucky to have a lot of girlfriends that like to quilt. On Monday nights, I sew in my Studio with my friend Joannie (and my friend Sue who you haven't seen recently in my blog because she is away for the summer). This past week, I blogged about my Monday night fun with Joannie here. On Thursday nights, I sew with my former Hampton Inn Homies. And once a month, usually on the first Sunday, I sew for the whole day with my Brown Bagger buddies. The Brown Baggers have been sewing together for about 15 years. About half of the original members are still in the group. There are 18 of us on the official roster with a couple of regular guests. The room we rent only holds 16 comfortably, so we have to keep it limited. Ironically, the room my Hampton Inn Homies rent on Thursday nights is ENORMOUS and there are only eight of us. I've been trying to recruit my friend Lisa to join us, but she is very creative with her excuses.

Thursday Night Follies
Did I mention that the function room has an adjacent bar? Yes, my gal pals are enjoying our new location...perhaps I can use this as a recruiting tool. This past Thursday I layered both of the baby quilts that I blogged about here.

Say hi to my friend Nancy. The consumption of
alcohol does not impair her gorgeous handwork.

Ginny is enjoying her itty bitty bottle of white
wine. It goes well with quilting, she says.
Ginny made this cute little bag.

Beth and Judi are behind this t-shirt quilt that Beth is making
for a friend who lost her little boy to a sudden illness.

Super Pat completed a SuperMan blanket for her nephew.

Sunday Fun
Today's group get-together was small. There were only seven of us. We celebrated Nancy D.'s birthday with two different kinds of cake. Yum!

Lori brought a finished project to show us. She made this gorgeous duffel
bag and matching cosmetic case for her niece's birthday. Lucky girl!

Nancy D. was busy today hand sewing quilt
bindings and hanging sleeves.

Here is her scary-licious Halloween Row by Row.
Terri was hard at work on her Millennium Quilt. It is one of her
Quilting New Year's Resolutions to finish this very old UFO.

This is Terri's work space. I love how organized she is.
Here are Valerie, left, and JoAnn.

Valerie made this fabulous quilt for her grandson Nolan
and JoAnn did all of the machine applique. Check out the photos
below for some of the adorable details in this quilt.

There are cute little cats driving some of the vehicles.

Here is Bob the Builder hard at work.
Pat was being pimped out by her daughters to make
baby shower gifts for their friends.
All these two bags need are handles and they're ready to go! Aren't they nice?
Much more sophisticated and stylish than your average diaper bag.

I finished my Construction Quilt. Yeah!

Check out my quilty shoes! They are from Keen.
Tomorrow night I'm getting together with Joannie and I want to finish my Winnie the Pooh Baby Quilt. The Brown Baggers are having our annual August weekend beginning on Friday so I will have three whole days to sew!!!! Right now I think that I am going to work on a kit that I bought to make a quilt for Michael's sister. But I reserve the right to change my mind.

Hope you have a very quilty week!

Pugs and kisses,

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  1. So good to see the smiling faces of my Hampton Inn friends.