Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Favorite Quilting Tools

Last weekend was our annual August quilt weekend for the Brown Baggers. I thought it would be a fun idea to ask all of the girls to share their favorite quilting tools.

As a quilter, accurate measuring is very important. Here are the favorite rulers among the group.

Marion's favorite tool is her 6"x24" Olfa ruler.
Joanne loves her June Tailor Shape Cut ruler. You place this on top of your fabric
and cut strips with it. It is hard to get a picture of something that is clear.
She is holding it up against the white board.

Kim P. loves her June Tailor ruler that allows her to make
half square triangle blocks and square off blocks as well.

Quilters love to cut fabric and snip threads. Here the girls showed off their favorite cutting tools.

Terri loves her spring-loaded snips
Paula is partial to her spring-loaded scissors.
Kim G. loves her 60 mm rotary cutter.

Extension tables and portable tables also make quilting easier.

Joannie loves her Sew Ezi table. It folds up flat and she can bring it anywhere.

Jo Ann loves her extension table.
Here are some other fun tools.

Karen, who is an awesome machine quilter, loves her quilting gloves.
I love my extension cord reel! It's got six plugs.
It lives in my car, so I always have it for quilting.
Joan has a very strong love for her magnetic pin cushion.
She's had it for a very long time.
It's held together with some tape at this point.
Valerie says never leave home without your quilting calculator.
Nancy D. loves The Angler 2 tool. It attaches to your
sewing machine throat plate and helps you line things up.

However, Lexine wins for the best answer. Her favorite quilting tool? Why her Brown Bagger Quilting Friends. "The Girls motivate me to keep on sewing!"

From left to right, front row: Lexine, Marion, Kim P. and Terri.
Back row, from left to right: Joanne, Kim G. and Joannie

Stay tuned for more quilting adventures with the Brown Baggers. Come back to see some of our finished projects from our August weekend.

What is your favorite quilting tool?

Pugs and kisses,

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