Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Wrap-up, Cape Cod, Part 4

Pour yourself a cup of tea and relax. It's time to wrap up our Cape Cod weekend.

In case you haven't read my blog lately, there is still time to participate in two great give-aways! Both are open through February 14th. The first give-away is on my Grow Your Blog Post. The second give-away, which is for Karen's pattern designs, can be found in Part 2 of my Cape Cod Weekend blog.

Share a cup of tea with Sue...
...or some birthday French Toast with Marion.
I want to make sure that I don't leave anyone out. We had so much fun and there were so many great projects.
Kim G.'s Kaffe Christmas Tree Forest in progress.
Either she is very late for last year or very early for this year...
Kate and Marion admire Kate's newest applique design in progress.
Kim P. was hard at work chain piecing her newest quilt,
Judy Martin's Log Cabin Snake River. You can see a picture
of the finished quilt here. Kim has a little more sewing to do...
Here is Kim putting her SewEzi table to good use.
Notice how Kim's pieces form a perfect circle on the rug.
Do you recognize the Brown Baggers new mascot?
Sadly, he didn't attend our quilt weekend.
Here is Marion modelling her new birthday bag!
Cordula made these cute pillowcases with Volkswagen bug and beetle fabric.
I hope that you enjoyed my Cape Cod weekend blog report. Don't miss Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3.

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Pugs and kisses,

P.S. In case you're wondering how I got Elvis, the black pug, to wear a paper bag on his head, he did it all on his own. He stuck his head in our bag of recycling looking for goodies and couldn't get his head out! Luckily I was sitting with him in the kitchen when he did it, so he only wore it for a minute before I extricated him. I couldn't stop laughing.


  1. Poor Elvis does he know you outed him? Lots of lovely sewing. The pillow cases are so cute!

  2. You ladies have been busy, and poor Elvis needs to keep his nose where it belongs! lol

  3. What a fun weekend! Love the candle in Marion's French toast. Too cute! Kim P. circle of fabric is a great sewing picture. Maybe that was Elvis's way of saying he missed you and maybe next time he could go to brown bagger. Hope you are staying warm and safe with all the snow in your area!

  4. He probably was self medicating because of hyperventilating. All that laughter from hearing about your weekend! I can hear him now... does this bag make my butt look big?

  5. OMG Elvis, you are my hero. Too bad he couldn't attend. Mayabe he's saying, "Kiss my a--hem!" I got Part 1 of the retreat, so now I've got Part 3...will have to go and get the others! This brings back FOND memories of retreats I went to (and some I organized) for my Alberta guild. Sigh. Good times, they were. Lots of laughs. Lots of good food. Not much sleep. Not as much sewing as one had planned!!! But I remember always always, driving home with a smile on my face, and sadness that it had come to and end.