Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: Pugs in the Kitchen!

We interrupt the Threads of Resistance Quilt Show for Pugtastic Tuesday. This week I'm sharing my pugs in the kitchen. Most of the kitchen pugs are on the stove. There are a LOT of pug magnets on the fridge, but they deserve a post of their own.
Kissing (magnetic) pug salt and pepper shakers. I have a second pair, gifted to me by my friend Lexine, that live in my Quilt Studio.
Here is another set of handsome pug boy salt and pepper shakers.
My friend Carol bought me these salt and pepper shakers at a craft show. In case you're curious, pepper goes in the black pug and salt goes in the fawn pug.
Several years ago by pure coincidence, my friends Carol and Eleanor each bought me a pug tile as a holiday gift. Happily, Eleanor bought me the black pug, and Carol bought me the fawn pug so we have one of each.
These pug tiles are hand made by a local artisan.
Our former neighbors brought us a pug trivet and a pug spoon rest from a long ago vacation. Sadly, Lori has passed away and George now lives in a nursing home. They were great neighbors and we miss them.
I just noticed that our pug trivet has a crack in it and may need to be retired from active duty.
This sweet pug on the spoon rest looks like our beloved Romeo. Of course, he looks a lot like Caesar too.
Here are the pugs in their natural habitat on the stove.
This little guy (pug Buddha) lives on top of our microwave and watches over us. Perhaps I should move him into the cabinet with his other pug miniature friends.
Here are Caesar (at left) and LarryPug in their plush dog bed in the kitchen. Since Elvis isn't in the photo, he must have been under my chair (his other favorite spot).
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Pugs and kisses,


  1. Love the salt and peppers, and the trivets, spoon rests and all of the fun puggy stuff.

  2. A pug budda!!!!!!!!!! OMG Im literally LOL!! LOVE that one.