Thursday, February 22, 2018

Threads of Resistance Quilt Show, Part 1

Not a lot of sewing has been getting done here. Last weekend, I had envisioned three glorious days full of sewing, but that did not happen. I did make the top of baby Ava's quilt, so stay tuned...
Marion with a wall full of pink pussy hats! Marion made some for her daughter and her friends who marched last year but they are not on display here.
However, last Sunday, Marion and I did make it to the Fuller Craft Museum to see the Threads of Resistance show. This show featured political quilts. Last weekend was the closing weekend of the exhibit. It may go to other venues, but I'm not sure. I took lots of photos. Be forewarned that you may find some of them offensive, so read on at your own risk.
Women's March 2017 by Kathy York, Texas.
This is a close-up of the background from the quilt above. I've used Marion's hand to show you the size of these tiny, tiny pieced squares. They finish at about 1/2 inch.
Lady Justice by Allison Chambers and Emily Robbins, Texas.
A Day to Remember by Emily K. Robertson, Wisconsin
Get Woke by Julie Parrish, Nevada
A close-up of the wonderful piecing and quilting in the quilt shown above.
Speak Truth by Katherine H. McClelland, Massachusetts. Doesn't this imagery remind you of The Handmaid's Tale?
Here's a close-up. This piece was made with felted wool. It was beautiful.
Still Yearning by Lyric Montgomery, North Carolina
Dawn Patrol by Julia M. Arden, New Zealand
Unplugged by Kelli N. Perkins, Michigan
Have you ever made a quilt with a political statement or for a cause that you strongly believe in?

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  1. Wow those are very powerful quilts. The one with the tiny squares oh my.

  2. Sooo much inspiration!! THANK YOU for sharing. I couldn't pick a favorite as they all inspired me in different ways. You two sure do have fun together. :)