Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekend in Rhode Island

The Brown Bagger Girls and I spent our weekend sewing in Rhode Island. We stayed at the Homewood Suites in Middletown. The staff was outstanding and we had a great time.

A great big thank you to Debbie who found our new location. Also Debbie gets my award for Best Camper. She arrived on Friday and plugged in her sewing machine. We heard a large popping sound. Debbie's sewing machine was dead. The hotel determined that the wall outlet was faulty. Debbie headed over to Walmart, bought an inexpensive machine and just kept sewing. Yeah Debbie!
Photo of Debbie from another quilt retreat.
Another award-winning camper was Cordula, who sewed with a broken wrist!
Cordula demonstrated how to sew with one hand.
Here is Cordula's scrap basket. Each time she finishes a project, she cuts the remaining fabric into 1.5" strips.
Here are some of Cordula's pretty strips.
Cordula worked on a log cabin quilt. Kim G., Kim P., and Nancy D. all pitched in with squaring her blocks for her.

It was Christmas all weekend for Nancy D., who is working on a big project. She is participating in an event called Festival of Trees, which opens after Thanksgiving. She is donating a decorated tree which is part of a themed vignette. Each of the trees and vignette items are raffled off for charity. Nancy's vignette theme is Home-Made Christmas and it will include hand-made Christmas stockings, ornaments and a tree skirt. Good thing she is getting started early!
Nancy's Christmas stockings. Pattern can be found at the Missouri Star Quilt Company.
Nancy's Christmas quilt.
Nancy's Christmas tree skirt. She made four of them. One for her event, and three others will be gifts.
The J-Team: Joannie C., Joan S. and Jo Anne E. were all working on baby quilts.
Jo Anne E. made this baby quilt as a gift for her neighbor.
A close-up of the cute elephant on Jo Anne's quilt.
Joan S. is making a baby quilt for her first grandson, due next month!
Joannie C. is making a baby quilt with conversation prints.
The room was humming with lots more projects!
Kim G. made this silk screened Buddha pillow as a gift for Cordula.
Kim P. made these cheerful smiley face slippers. Pattern is from the House of White Birches.
Kim also finished a quilt top for our friend Jean that she had started a while ago. Another of Jo Anne E.'s projects in progress can be seen in the background.
Marion worked on a star-filled lap quilt with batik fabrics. This is a kit that she purchased a few years ago.
Kim P. did the machine quilting on Marion's table runner. Now all she has to do is add binding and another Christmas present is ready for giving!
Sally was working on some pretty birthday blocks.
Not shown: me, Sue A. and Karen. Karen was designing a Mystery Quilt so it will be a few months before I can show it to you. Sue had a couple of different quilts in progress and kept distracting me when I went to take her photo.

Have a great week! Hope you didn't stay up too late watching the Super Bowl.

Thanks for visiting! Come back tomorrow for Pugtastic Tuesday! Later this week, I'll give you the update on my Swoon blocks.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Wow you ladies always have so much going on.

  2. It sounds like such fun and there were so many great projects being created.

  3. What a productive retreat for all of you!!! Oh gosh you are so right.....the first five days after a retreat and in my case, a vacation ARE the worse!