Sunday, February 25, 2018

Threads of Resistance Quilt Show, Part 2

Hello Dear Blogging Friends,

Thanks for all your positive feedback to my previous post, Threads of Resistance Quilt Show, Part 1. Here are some more photos from the show. I couldn't resist these striking images and made all of the photos extra large. Remember, if you click on the image it should open in a new window so you can see more detail.
Women's Rally, Greenville, SC. January 21, 2017 by Denny (Denise) C. Webster, South Carolina
Liberty Marches by Susan Bianchi, California
Not To Be Tabled by Susan V. Polansky, Massachusetts

I wish I had taken some more photos of this quilt because it was one of my favorites. The artist used a vintage tablecloth as her background and appliqued a fanciful assortment of silhouettes. A suffragette and a pregnant woman were two of my favorites.
My Flag, Our Colors, Mary L. Bolton, Massachusetts

#notnormal by Kristin La Flamme, Oregon

Nevertheless, They Persisted by Do Palma, Wyoming

This one was another favorite. Marion and I spent some time trying to identify all of the different women in the quilt. This quilt was hung in front of a window so I couldn't get the best photo.

Death of Science by Phyllis A. Cullen, Hawaii. 
Artist's materials list: Cotton linen, organza fabrics, acrylic and puff paints, metallic and poly threads, and a lot of anger. Also hung in front of the window with light shining through it, which didn't make for the best photo. I took this photo in honor of my niece Rachel who is studying to be a doctor.
Chasm by Sandra Poteet, California
100 Days by Jamie Fingal, California
Equal Means Equal by Jessica Levitt, New Jersey
Zahra, Age 5, Syrian Refugee by Sandra Bruce, California

Thanks for visiting! I still have more photos from this exhibit, so let me know if you want to see more. I'm sure that my friend Kim G. will definitely want to see the photos of the quilts that were hung behind the curtain, i.e, not for children or for those easily offended...

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  1. I enjoyed these as well as the quilts you posted yesterday. Thank you for sharing. Yes, I would like to see more. (Hello from Ozzie, the pug in Alabama)

  2. More WOW!!! Seriously, so glad you are sharing I don't get to shows like this and these quilts are inspirational in more than one way.

  3. These are very striking quilts. Thank you for sharing them. I suspect they were even more moving in person.

  4. Wow the Statue of liberty is so powerful, but all of them. They all elicit visceral reactions just looking at the pictures. To see them in person is probably so much more.