Thursday, February 1, 2018

I like Thursday: Road Trip!

Here are some likes for the week!

Marion and I hit the road! Watch out Rhode Island!
I like (LOVE) quilting road trips. Marion and I are hitting the road to RI for a quilting retreat with the Brown Baggers. I've packed my Swoon blocks and my purple batik sweatshirt for projects. Baby Ava's quilt is staying home for now, but if I get the urge to sew for others, I have seven pillowcases with me to make.
I made this photo Extra Large so you can see how fabulous it is! Way to go Joannie!
I like (LOVE) Joannie's latest t-shirt quilt. Joannie's golf league has fallen in love with her work and I think that every week someone else shows up with a bag of t-shirts for her. This one is for an Eric Clapton fan.
Bet you'd like to come over our house for dinner...
I like (LOVE) my husband's shrimp tacos that he made for dinner last night. His own recipe! With special sauce and cilantro lime rice. YUM!
I like documentaries. We rented AMY on Netflix. It's about Amy Winehouse. I didn't know much about her before I watched the movie, but now I'm definitely going to pick up some of her music.

I like (LOVE) to read. While traveling last week, I picked up The Alice Network, a novel by Kate Quinn about women spies during World War I and II. I highly recommend it. I'm loaning it to Sue next.

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  1. fast reader! The first photo is just hilarious!! I lIke YOu

  2. I like that first photo, too! Your road trip sounds like fun! Thanks for the book recommendation - I'm going to go check and see if our library has it.

  3. The book sounds like something I would like. I will have to look out for it. I bet Joannie wishes she hadn't started the t-shirt quilt saga! She does a good job, though, by the look of it.

  4. I watched the Amy doc as well and was what a voice even as a child.
    Road trips with friends and quilt shops...I can't think of anything better really. Well, perhaps the shrimp tacos. I'am a fan of fish tacos, sooo

  5. Well, that first photo could be me, if I could just get my act together. Have a great time and buy lots of fabric!

  6. That first photo is hysterical. Love it!