Sunday, January 28, 2018

Your vote counts! Help choose Baby Ava's quilt.

Nothing exciting occurred in the quilt studio this weekend. I worked on three fleece blankets that I layered a couple of weeks ago. The blankets were hogging a majority of my pins and I needed them back. So all three blankets (two different Star Trek designs and a music design) have been assembled and the pins are back in my pincushion. Now I just need to turn them right side out and top stitch around the outside edges.

The intrepid Brown Bag quilters are venturing to a new location this weekend for our annual February quilt retreat. We've been going to the Cape Point Inn in Cape Cod for more than 20 years but it is closed for renovation -- we only found out two weeks before we were supposed to go! We are trying a new location in Rhode Island. Same driving distance as the Cape but in a different direction. We'll get to check out some new quilt stores and restaurants.

So far, I've decided on two projects to take with me. The first is my purple batik sweatshirt. I started this project in a class that I took with Joannie back in December of 2015 and I can find no evidence that I've ever shared it with you in my blog. If you can find it, let me know.

The second project is my Swoon quilt blocks. Apparently, I last worked on them a year ago. I haven't quite found the project box. Yet...
Last seen in my blog one year ago...
For a third project, I am going to start a baby quilt for my friend Maria who works at Sewphisticated. She had a baby girl named Ava in December. I routed through some different options in my abyss of a sewing room. Here are my three choices:
I hate brown. This block just makes me say "blerghhhh..."
  1. Resuscitate Lily's ugly owl quilt, a disappearing 9-patch in flannel, shown above. Pros: I have nine finished blocks, which would make a decent size baby quilt. I just have to sew them together. Cons: Problem is, I still think these blocks are ugly. I ended up making Lily a different quilt.
  2. Use the "girl-themed" charm squares left over from when I made Logan's quilt. Pros: the charm squares are cut and ready to be sewn. Cons: I'd have to spend some time putting some sashing around them.
  3. Start a new baby quilt with some cute cupcake fabric found at Nancy's House of Fabric, aka my Stash, shown below. I have some pretty pink and aqua fabric to go with it. Pros: I can knock this out quickly, using my favorite baby quilt pattern of a four patch alternating with a plain patch. Cons: I'm starting from scratch, but at least I'd like what I'd be making...
Pretty fabrics all found in my stash...
Now is the time to cast your vote. Which baby quilt should I make for Ava?
  1.  Flannel disappearing 9-patch
  2. Conversation charm square quilt
  3. Cupcake quilt
Linking up on Tuesday to Freemotion by the River. Thanks for visiting! You need to vote by Wednesday so I can pack the car.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. I say - go with number three, cupcakes!!!

  2. Okay....Get that disappearing nine-patched sewn together. Seriously you can get those nine blocks sew together in an hour. Then it's done and out of your sewing room. I would then donate it. NEW: Have fun working on that cupcake one for your friend!! Tooo cute!!! (I have a tendency to sew, sew, sew at mojo gets going and it's suddenly 11pm) Neither would take up too much you'd be prepared. Bummed your tradional retreat didn't work out...

  3. #3 More fun to start something new and it sounds cute for a baby.

  4. I vote #1 -- finish the quilt and get it out the door! I, too, don't like brown but that doesn't mean everyone agrees. I made a pink and brown baby quilt years ago and still receive pictures of the now-7-year-old holding the quilt! :) Get it done -- you'll be happy with another finish! :)

  5. Hi Nancy,
    My vote is for #1. There's hardly any brown, and just to balance out the pinks and greens. Get 'er done and out of the house . . . then start #3 to have on hand for the next baby. Poor Ava is cold, waiting for her quilt. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Your swoon blocks are gorgeous. How did I miss those?
    I agree with Val....finish up the Lily quilt. I kind of like the brown. Donate it. Use the Nancy's House of Fabrics cupcake quilt for baby Ava. I thought your stash was you were spending the pug boys college fund.