Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Quilt for Lily

When the going gets tough, the tough start a new quilt project. Our Thursday Girl meeting was once again cancelled due to lack of air conditioning, so I went home to see Mike and the Pug Pack. This week, I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Pittsburgh for work, so it was nice to have an evening at home. Mike made a quick steak dinner complimented by our lovely heirloom tomatoes. After we took the pugs out for a walk, unbelievably it was only 7:30pm, so I decided to go to the Studio for a bit.

Despite the fact that I have eight zillion projects in progress, I decided I would cut out a new project. I'm making a flannel owl quilt for my friend Lily.

I bought a yard of this owl flannel several weeks ago on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics. At the time, I thought I would make Lily a pillowcase for Christmas.
This became my inspiration fabric for an entire quilt.
Then, on a different shopping trip, while innocently shopping for buttons in the clearance bin, I found these...

Owl flannel charm packs!
 And I happened to have just purchased this magazine...
Disappearing 9-Patch!
Inspiration struck, and despite the fact that I had to go to two different Joann Fabrics to get the four charm packs I needed (and I may have been forced to buy a whole bunch of other stuff), a quilt was born.

I added a green flannel pindot for my background and a mottled green flannel for my connecting squares. Can you guess that Lily's favorite color is green?
These are the six fabrics in the charm pack.

Laying out a 9-Patch for motivation
Everything is cut out and ready to go. I will confess that I didn't bother to iron any of the fabric, and just smoothed it out with my hand before cutting. Typically I would wash flannel before I make a quilt with it, but since I'm using Charm Squares, which are precuts, I can't. I figure the quilt will shrink proportionately since none of the flannel is washed.

Here I am with my two favorite 5-year olds, Lily and LarryPug. Lily is my friend Jeff's daughter. Jeff, Lily, and I have been going out to lunch together since she was an infant in her car seat. Even though I don't get to see Lily that often, she just picks up with me as if she had seen me the day before. The last time we had lunch together, she and I had a lot of fun making animals with raw bread dough. Lily admired my talents in making a turtle as well as a snowman.
This photo is from 2013 when Lily and LarryPug were
my favorite 4-year olds. Check out Lily's rockin' leopard pants!
Hopefully I'll get Lily's quilt done for Christmas, while she still likes owls and the color green!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Lily is adorable and needs an adorable flannel owl quilt! Love the picture with LarryPug and the leopard print leggings are fabulous.

  2. Oh the things that just seem to happen to us when we are innocently standing around in fabric stores. ;) You and Lily and LarryPug make a very cute trio Nancy. She's going to love her quilt!

  3. Lily has a special friend in you oh and the pugs too! Cute fabric!

  4. That fabric is too stinkin' cute and so is that picture of Lily, Larry Pug and you :) She's going to love it! I have used flannel for backs several times. I never prewash and I've never had an issue. . .

  5. Have fun making your quilt and enjoy the two 5-year olds too, LOL!!!