Sunday, September 28, 2014

Family Time

I haven't done any sewing this week but I have a good excuse! My parents are visiting!
My parents arrived Wednesday night from Florida to spend Rosh Hashonah (Jewish New Year) with us. On Thursday we drove up to Mike's sister's house to have a festive meal. We had a lot of fun. Susan and Paul (Mike's sister and brother-in-law) are great at throwing a party and there were 21 people in attendance from age 4 to 84.

I brought my world famous kugel. My Mom was very happy to see that I use her recipe.
LarryPug met his grandparents for the first time! Grandpa Alan declined to take a nap with him, but Grandma Phyllis let LarryPug sit next to her while she read a book.
My brother Gary spent seven hours in the car on Saturday to drive down from New Jersey and surprise our parents. Uncle Gary is also a dog person, so LarryPug was delighted to meet him.
On Saturday we threw a little party so my parents could visit with my friends. We celebrated a whole bunch of birthdays, including Mike (September 22nd), Merwyn (September 6th), Paul (October 1st) and Elvis the Pug (October 2nd).
This is the world's best chocolate cake from Whole Foods.
It is like eating pure fudge. Expensive, but worth it!
Front row: Dad, Mom and Gary
Back row: me and Mike
A good time was had by all!

Thanks for visiting.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. You look just like your mom and Gary looks like your dad. Great to have the family together.

  2. Awe they are so cute! And the pug bunch got to spend quality gma/gpa time that is always good. I agree with Janet's statement you look like your mamma.

  3. you all look alike! I'll bet there was a lot of talking and laughter going on! Chocolate brings people together. LeeAnna

  4. You look so much like your mom :-). Beautiful pictures, looks like wonderful family time. What special memories!

  5. Sorry I missed seeing them(and the noodle kugel), Looks like you had fun.