Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Pugtastic Tuesday: Happy Valentine's Day (almost)

Check out this little pug beauty. In case you're wondering. This is NOT one of the Pug Boys.

I now own Valentine's Day pug dish towels, found at Hobby Lobby. I'm not a huge Hobby Lobby fan, but who can resist these? Since Mike prefers kitchen towels out of cotton towel fabric, rather than terry cloth, these little pug sweeties are in our guest bathroom.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Pugtastic Tuesday: Pug Boots

I have new rain boots!
I was inspired to look for pug-themed rain boots after I saw some children's rain boots with pugs on them. An adult-size version was quite easy to find. I bought mine on Amazon. They are perfect for puddle stomping and taking the Pug Boys in the yard, especially when it's muddy. Note: If you don't like pugs, there are 41 other patterns to choose from!

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Victoria's Baby Quilt

I woke up this morning and decided to finish baby Victoria's quilt. I worked on it last week at our MLK quilt weekend and it was nearly complete.

All the fabric came from my stash (aka Nancy's House of Fabric). I mixed cotton prints with flannel. I finished it with a wide satin binding. I think the baby will enjoy all the different textures. There is no pattern for this quilt, I just used what I had. The gray squares were cut 4.5" wide. 
The finished quilt is 36" x 42".
Here's a close-up of some of the quilt fabrics.
Here is LarryPug doing his best Vanna imitation and showing you the back of the quilt which is pink flannel owls. Nice and toasty warm.
My brother Gary asked me to make this baby quilt as a gift for his co-teacher who had her second baby in November. Her colors were gray and white and her theme was owls. I have lots of owl fabric because my little friend Lily loves owls. I don't normally work much with gray, but I had bought a bunch of gray prints when I made my friend Pat a Chubby Charmer for her birthday a few years ago.

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Friday, January 25, 2019

2019 Birthday Blocks

Each year the Brown Baggers choose a birthday block for our annual exchange. We vote on the block choices in the fall and create a sign up sheet. We can choose our own colors and often provide one or more of the fabrics in the block.

This is our 2019 Birthday Block. The pattern is from Stitchin' Therapy's blog.

Last year's block had way too many half square triangles and it caused me (and others) a lot of angst. Debbie finally found that if we used the Layer Cake papers, it made the block come out a bit more easily, but by then, half the year had gone by.

This year's block is easy and fun (see picture above). Marion celebrated her quilting birthday during our MLK quilt weekend, so we got to see the new blocks all made up in Marion's color choice which was a scrappy white background with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
Here is Joannie laying them out on the table as Marion opens her gifts.
Here is Kim P.'s machine all set up to assembly sew lots and lots of birthday blocks!
Here is a photo from Stitchin' Therapy's blog, showing the quilt top. Isn't it pretty?
I chose not to participate in our birthday swap this year, but I may make the quilt on my own because I really like it! And it looks like a great way to use some of your scraps (although it won't make a dent in my scrap pile!).

If you want to see more of our birthday blocks, just type "birthday blocks" in the search bar on the right hand side.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

MLK Weekend 2019: More Quilts!

Hello Dear Blogging Friends,

Here are some more fabulous quilts as seen at our 2019 MLK Quilt Weekend from my Brown Bagger Quilting friends.

The first two are made by my friend Joannie.
This is a memorial quilt that Joan made from her Aunt's clothing. It is even more fantastic in person.
Here's a close-up. There are many different types of clothing in it. If you look closely at upper left, you'll even find parts of a housecoat! My Mom used to change from her work clothes into a housecoat when she got home. Do you remember housecoats? I think they were the equivalent of today's sweatpants.
Here's how Joan incorporated a pair of capri pants.
Joan also finished this cute baby quilt.
Here's a close-up of some of the fabrics in it.
Jo Ann E. finished the top of another old birthday block quilt. I love the bright colors. This is very different than Jo Ann's usual color palette. She prefers browns and soft colors.
Marion received these fabrics as a birthday gift from Joannie one year and she put together this striking quilt top. I helped her find the border fabric on the internet.

The photo below is Marion's quilt called "Fairy Tales," which is the name of the fabric line used in the quilt top. Marion put the outer borders on this past weekend.

 Below is Marion hard at work.

I put together the top of a baby quilt for my brother Gary, who is giving it as a gift to his co-teacher. By Saturday, I had it almost quilted. The quilt is cotton and flannel. I'm going to finish it with a wide satin binding. I know the baby will enjoy all the different textures.
Here is a quilt that Kim P. completed for our friend Jean. Kim finished the piecing and did the machine quilting.
Here is Joanne S. with her scrappy Many Trips Around the World quilt. Looks like she is checking her work.
Special thanks to Kim P. for providing many of the photos for the MLK blogs.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Pugtastic Tuesday: New pugs in the office!

New calendar for 2019. I bought it from Pugs and Kisses.
New pug mugs for Christmas from my co-workers, Julie and Lauren.
This is the inside of the mug from Julie (shown at left, above). Both friends thoughtfully filled the mugs with chocolate, but alas, they are empty now...
A soft and squishie pug from Rebecca who joined my team in October and helps keep the ship afloat!
Caesar and Elvis snoozing in front of the glass door on the new dining room rug.
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Monday, January 21, 2019

MLK Quilt Weekend 2019: Debbie's Quilts

Our MLK Quilt Weekend was cut short by a winter snowstorm, but we still had two days to do some quilting together, before we decamped on Saturday night.

Debbie found a new machine quilter (a husband and wife team) and brought in five completed quilts to show us.

We did this pattern as a birthday block a few years ago. I believe it is a Terry Atkinson pattern called "Snapshots", but I'm recalling this from memory, not looking it up.
Naturally, Debbie plans to hang this quilt in her sewing room.
Here's a close-up of the quilting design with needle and thread.
This was my favorite of the batch. Below is a close-up of each house.

Quilt Barn and scarecrow
Pilgrim Hat House
Owl House
Acorn House, complete with squirrel
Come back on Wednesday to see some more quilts from the other Brown Bag Quilting Girls! It's cold and icy here in Massachusetts, so I'm staying inside!

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