Thursday, February 6, 2020

Brown Baggers MLK Quilt Weekend in Portsmouth, NH

Update to all my blogging friends: my Mom is recovering well from her bronchial asthma and my Dad is recovering from his pneumonia. My Mom is at home and my Dad is at a rehabilitation facility about a mile away. While I was helping my Mom in Florida, the Brown Baggers enjoyed our annual MLK quilt weekend.

This is a guest post with photos from my friend Joannie.
First finished project of the day went to Kathie!
Quilt weekends are a great way to inspire you to work on old projects. Here are some UFOs from the back of the closet that the Brown Baggers completed!
Marion's least 20 years old!
Sally's Blue Batik Star... at least Sweet 16 years old...
Sally's Midnight Madness from 2002 at the Button Box is a finished top!
Need some bright colors for a dreary rainy day? Check out these quilts!
Kim P. with birthday blocks from 2016.
Jo Ann E. hiding behind her Kaffe quilt.
Pat's Rainbow Kaffe quilt. She made 2!
Pat's Gypsy Wife quilt.
Everyone got a lot done!
Cordula's Sparkling Gemstones
Debbie's Sampler
Karen's original design
It has Cathedral Windows in it!
Valerie's Snowball quilt
Sue working on her houses.
Margaret made Hen Houses. Click for a close-up.
Jo Ann E. made this miniature quilt and quilted it herself.
Jo Ann E. is an ardent applique-er and she does the most beautiful work.
More applique from Jo Ann E.
When she wasn't taking photos, Joannie worked on her rug. She took this class from our own Kim G.
Pat has twin granddaughters! This one's for Juliette!
And this one's for Kirstin.
Joan S made this quilt. I think it's a Jacob's Ladder.
and last but not least, Helene's modern beauty!
Hope you enjoyed this virtual quilt show!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. So pleased that your parents health is improving, you and them have had a worrying time.

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  2. Wow! You are working through parent needs and blogging! Great post!