Thursday, October 26, 2017

I like Thursdays: Almost Wordless

My friend LeeAnna who blogs at Not Afraid of Color hosts a weekly I Like Thursdays theme. NOTE: you don't have to actually like Thursday, rather it's more of a recap of capturing joy during the week.

How can you not love these two little faces? And check out Caesar's snaggle tooth... adorable.
Life with the Pug Pack is always interesting. Caesar is a funny little love bug and he will get his own blog post soon. LarryPug remains our extremely neurotic but lovable little dude.

I also like that it is fall in New England, yet it has remained unseasonably warm. I'm not admitting to liking Global Warming, but I am enjoying still wearing sandals and shorts in late October. I can't remember a fall this warm.

I like returning to blogging and the kind words from my blogging friends.

Marion and I went to a quilt show and a bead show last weekend and I'll post some pictures soon. I'm still trying to get back into a crafting groove. I'm working on a baby quilt and a kumihimo bracelet.

More later.

Pugs and kisses,

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Back from Outer Space

Sorry, I've been a little tied up lately...
I've been posting sporadically for the last few months and I hope that this post marks the return of a more regular schedule. Since May I have been working on four major projects for my real life job and they are finally nearing completion. These projects sucked the life out of me. Most of the summer I would come home late from work (usually the last one out of the parking lot, except for the cleaning people), eat dinner and go to bed. On the weekends, I did laundry and napped. I barely touched my sewing machine or my beading projects. I apologize to my lovely husband, family and friends who put up with a very grumpy and depressed PugMom for far too long. Ironically, the less I wrote, the more followers joined my blog...

Here's a few highlights to get you caught up.
On August 5th, Caesar joined our family. He is four years old. We adopted him through New England Pug Rescue (PRONE).
On October 2nd, Elvis had a big birthday!
He turned 15, which is 105 in dog years. And yes, we had a party for him!
I got to meet Natalia (JMag) who appeared on Project Runway Season 15. She did a lecture for Marion's sewing guild at the Framingham Public Library. She was just delightful. We got to check out a rack of her hand-made clothing items. She also shared some of the Project Runway behind the scenes dirt with us...
I've finally started sewing again. I'm making a quilt out of my birthday blocks.
Thanks for visiting!

Pugs and kisses,