Wednesday, December 21, 2016

So Happy It's Thursday #2!

I'm not sure how I haven't written a blog post in 20 days, because in my head, I've published several... Odd, isn't it.

Anyways, after an hour long phone call with my good friend Lee Anna, blogging goddess and the creator of the I Like Thursday series, I had enough inspiration to write a new So Happy It's Thursday post. I've been slaving away in the office all month, and I've had a hard week, but amazingly, I found some sunshine and rainbows among the black clouds.

So without further ado...
  1. Project Runway Junior returns! Hooray! I've watched Project Runway since it began and I think Project Runway Junior is just as good, if not better. It is so fun to see the younger designers create and work together. Plus they are kind to each other and don't talk smack like the older bunch. Do you watch Project Runway?
  2.  It's Eggnog season! I love eggnog! I try to buy the light version. It is so yummy!
  3.  Romeo turns 15 on Friday! He will definitely get a special birthday post.
  4. Here is my darling boy Romeo and my handsome husband Mike.
  5. Thursday will be my Friday at the office! And I won't be going back to work until January 3rd! Although I will bring my laptop home because I do have a few things to keep an eye on.
  6. I love animal prints! I love to wear leopard print and zebra print. I think I have enough animal print clothing to wear a different outfit for at least a month. And that includes animal print jewelry, shoes, sneakers, etc...
  7. I love my cleaning people! Ramos and Claire are so nice and it is always thrilling to come home to a squeaky clean house every other Wednesday!
  8. I won two quilty give-aways this month. Both prizes arrived this week. The first package came all the way from Australia from Toni at The Red Boot Quilt Company who mailed me a wonderful package with Heat and Bond Inkjet Transfer Sheets and two of her patterns. I also received a beautiful bundle of five fat quarters from Stephanie through the SewMamaSew give-away day. Hooray for quilting goodies!

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

So Happy It's Thursday! #1

My darling friend Lee Anna has started a new blog series, entitled "I like Thursdays." As a working person, I don't much like Thursdays except that they usually mean that Friday is not far behind and Project Runway will be on television that night. I prefer to watch PR without commercials and I don't like to stay up late, so I record it on TIVO and watch it the next day or over the weekend.

Anyways, I had a pretty good day today and it inspired a So Happy It's Thursday post.

1. I adore my friend Lee Anna. First she was a blogging friend, then we had the chance to meet in person and I adored her even more. She's a part of my every day life, even if she is far away, and we usually talk on the phone at least once a week. We're kindred spirits. Plus she likes Project Runway too, so we get to discuss it!
Our first meeting at the Houston Quilt Festival in 2014.
2. And then there's the Pug Pack. I start my morning by taking these adorable little fellows to the park each morning. Today was a really good day because everyone pooped and peed outside, which is a victory, when your Pug boys are 15, 14 and 7.5. My 14-year old pug, Elvis, is actually the most house-broken. Romeo, age 15, never had an accident until he became quite elderly. LarryPug just likes to mark for fun. The Pug boys bring joy to my life every day.
From left to right: Romeo, LarryPug and Elvis. This photo was taken a few years ago before Romeo went blind.
3. Got some holiday shopping done without leaving the office. My friend Dianne made this fabulous, hand-made Christmas present for my friend Carol. I'm pretty sure that Carol doesn't read my blog. Hey Carol, if you're reading this, let me know and I'll give it to you early! If you want to order one, send me an email and I'll put you in touch with my friend Dianne. My email, of course, is Pugmomquilts. It is at
My friend Dianne and her husband Rich are making and selling these beautiful wooden leash holders, customized with your dog's name on it. Carol's dogs are Harry and Bella. That is my handsome husband Mike doing his Vanna imitation.
Here's a close-up
4. Lunch was delicious! I had shrimp tempura rolls and rainbow cookies!

5. The weather was unseasonably warm in Boston! In celebration, I had a chocolate frappe (milkshake to those of you not from New England). It went very well with the shrimp tempura rolls and the rainbow cookies.

6. I went to the fabric store at lunch time and hit the mother lode on the remnant table. At Sewphisticated Discount Fabrics, remnants are $2.49 a yard. The top two fabrics are Phillip Jacobs from his Snow Leopard line. The fairy print is from Riley Blake. The tiger striped fabric is an African import and it was $3.99 a yard. Whoever said that money can't buy happiness never struck gold at the fabric store!
You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too much fabric.
And in celebration of my first So Happy It's Thursday post, I am offering up a little contest. How much fabric (in yards) did I buy at the fabric store today and how much did I spend? I'll come up with some type of prize for the person who gets the closest answer without going over. Write your answer in the comment section of this blog post. UPDATE: the contest is now closed. The winner is Valerie who correctly guessed that I bought 20 yards of fabric. No-one really came close to the dollar amount. I think I spent about $65, but think about how much money I saved!

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