Friday, July 7, 2017

If This Quilt Could Talk...Presenting Logan's Quilt

Sometimes it's not the pattern, but the fabrics that make the quilt. Last summer my friend Val hosted an I Spy fabric swap. I signed up for two spots and in the end I received 400 different four-inch squares. While I have plenty of novelty print fabrics in my own stash, it was so much fun to swap with other quilters and receive new-to-me fabrics, many of which I had never seen before.
Held by two of my favorite quilt holders, co-workers, Julie and Lauren.
Here are a few close-ups of some of the fabrics in the quilt. I used the I Spy squares to make the 4-patches plus added fabrics of my own as the large alternating squares. This quilt includes fabrics from my stash that are over 20 years old, to brand new fabrics that I bought on my trip to the Missouri Star Quilt Company, plus a few scraps from the dog bed pile (thank you Kim G. for the Minion donation).
I spy pigs, pie, pencils, ostriches, trains, mushrooms, popcorn and taxis.
More mushrooms, hockey skates, frogs, crayons and winter hats!
Every time I look at this quilt I see something new. There are fabrics in here from baby quilts and pillowcases that I made for my niece Rachel (turning 20 next month), and my nephew Ben (almost 6 feet tall at 15), as well as fabric from my Mom's 75th birthday quilt and some chicken fabric that my Mom brought me back from Pennsylvania Dutch Country more than 20 years ago (yes Mom, I finally used it).

Quilt Stats: This is just a simple 4-patch block alternating with a plain patch. There are 49 4-patches (196 fabrics) plus 50 plain patches which comes out to 246 different fabrics. I set it 9x11. It was meant to be twin size, but it's very large. I'll come back and add specific measurements because I know that someone is going to ask...

This quilt is for my darling Logan who will turn 4 this month. He is my friend Anna's little boy. He calls me "Aunt Fancy Nancy." Naturally I have lots of leftover charm squares and I plan to make one for Logan's little brother Cameron as well as one for Baby Nate.

In homage to my friend Marion, I also pieced the back and inadvertently made a reversible quilt.
There are 13 more fabrics on the back of the quilt, including some really old Debbie Mumm prints from when I learned to quilt back in the late 1980s.
This quilt owes a lot to my blogging friend Val who organized the fabric swap, quilted my quilt and also hosted the piggy bank challenge that I used to pay for her quilting services. Thanks Val!
Beautifully quilted with all types of transportation: cars, trucks, helicopters and airplanes.
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  1. Great quilt. Love the quilting and chicken fabric too??? Oh my.

  2. You did a great job scrap quilts

  3. My type of quilt! Love all the different fabrics in it. I know it will be loved.

  4. Nancy you are soooooo very welcome! I had fun eye-spying while I quilted and plan to "steal" your idea of using four patches in contrast to one large block.

  5. I need to start collecting fabric squares for an I Spy quilt. Nice job!

  6. I spy a cute quilt! Perfect for a 4 year old. Are those magic mushrooms I see? "Aunt Fancy Nancy"-- how funny!

  7. That's an adorable I-spy quilt. I am sure the recipient will love to snuggle up in it and see try and find all the fun little treasures of fabric hidden in it. Have a great weekend! --Andrea

  8. Great quilt; I love "I Spy" quilts--they are such fun to make and the kids just love them...hugs, Julierose

  9. I wondered when I'd see quilts coming from this swap. What a collection you've got, and what a great quilt with them all in one spot. So onto the next one now?

    Saying hello to the boys from my girls. ;-)

    Julie@Pink Doxies

  10. Aunt Fancy Nancy - lovely name indeed! Logan will spend many happy hours with his new quilt, looking for this, that and the other. It's great - congratulations!!

  11. This was a fun post to read. Fabrics have such history - why we have them, who gave them to us. Great I-Spy quilt. I recently won a selection of ISpy 4" squares from Val and I have been adding to the stack so I can make something with them soon. Very cute. Good job Aunt Fancy Nancy. :-)