Monday, April 24, 2017

Missouri Star Quilt Company--What We Bought--Part 2

The Great Reveal is here! Here's what we bought, or what we'll admit to, on our trip last month to the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

After we shopped all day on Thursday, we gathered in the kitchen of our Bed and Breakfast to display our purchases. Unfortunately I had shipped mine home already, but now my friends can see what I bought. After our show and tell on Thursday night, we went back to MSQ the next morning before we went to the airport in case we missed anything!
Joann's haul.
Nancy D.'s haul.
Joannie's haul.
Joanie's haul, part 2...We found a second bag after the first photo was taken...
Sue's haul.
Marion's haul.
The biggest part of my haul... new fabrics for quilts I am making for Logan, Cameron and Baby Nate. While I have a lot of conversation prints, I wanted some newer fabrics to mix in. I found some great fabrics for little boys. A special thank you to Jennifer and Hannah at the MSQ who helped me find all of these.
My haul, part 2.
True confessions... I bought these fabrics on my phone while I was waiting in line (in person) at the MSQ. I figured it would be one less thing to carry, although they shipped my entire order home for free.
Selfie with LarryPug
Sorry to have kept you waiting. The ending of my trip was bittersweet. I arrived home from my trip to find that Romeo had stopped eating. We took him the the vet who gave him IV fluids. He rallied for a week or so, while Mike and I hand fed him liquefied dog food with a syringe but he was losing weight and getting very weak so we had to decide to let him go. It was my worst day ever.

Thanks for all your sweet notes and cards. We are giving Elvis and LarryPug lots and lots of pug cuddles. They are such sweet boys and such a comfort.

Thanks for visiting.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Wow you ladies helped the economy oodles during your trip. Love all of your purchases. Hugs to Larry and Elvis, their pug kisses will bring you comfort.

  2. So sorry about your dog. Glad you got such a good haul.

  3. About the fabrics.... good hunting trip! I spy a flamingo and a camel and lots of animal prints... I know you all had fun

    1. May Romeo be running free in Heaven... and eating anything he wants