Monday, August 24, 2015

A Visit with Cheryl and Jean

This is one of Cheryl's beautiful quilts hanging in their home.
On Saturday, Marion and I drove up to Bolton to visit our friends Jean and Cheryl. Jean recently suffered a nasty fall. She broke two bones in her neck as well as her sternum. Her guardian angel must have been watching her because the neighbor next door was an emergency room nurse and took great care of her until the ambulance came.

Jean has spent several weeks in the hospital and in rehab and was very happy to be at home with her daughter Cheryl. Jean and Cheryl are both Brown Bag quilters and you've met them in the blog before.
We're happy that Jean is on the road to recovery. Seated: Jean. From left to right: Cheryl, me and Marion. Thank you Daniel for taking the photo for us!
Cheryl treated us to a scrumptious Chinese food lunch and made home-made brownie sundaes for dessert. She even insisted that I take all of the brownies back with me. I didn't argue with Cheryl and I even gave Marion a couple of brownies when we got home.

Marion and I were glad to find Jean in good spirits. Cheryl gave us a tour of her beautiful home and I took photos of her gorgeous quilts that were on display on the first floor.
Cheryl made this quilt for her husband Daniel.
Here's a close-up.
This is another photo of the New York Beauty at the top of the blog.
Here's your close-up.
Cheryl machine quilted this wall hanging on a long arm machine. Her first attempt and her workmanship is spot on!
 Cheryl and Jean have also been doing some wool felting.
Cheryl is holding a large wall hanging that her Mom Jean made.
Here is Jean with a block that she made using the wool felting technique.
Here is Cheryl with her block.
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  1. Jean sounds like she was very fortunate. That NYBeauty is really gorgeous. Cheryl's piece is also lovely. Is that the same fabric that Sharon at Vroomans Quilt is trying to locate?

    1. It sure looks like it. Although Sharon was looking for the coordinates, not the Crane Panel.

  2. Wow get well Jean. Beautiful quilts you brown baggers are so talented.

  3. What beautiful quilts for inspiration. That NY Beauty is stunning (one day I will get mine done). Love the wool felting. Ha ha on "even shared some" of the brownies!

  4. poor friend.... glad you could cheer her up. LeeAnna