Thursday, August 13, 2015

Kaffe's Blue City Life in Progress

Like the hungry child at the buffet whose eyes are "too big for her stomach" (meaning that you take more food than you can possibly eat), I always think that I will get more done at a quilt weekend than is humanly possible, at least for me.

Last weekend I had hoped to completely assemble my newest quilt project (Kaffe Fassett Blue City Life), bind three quilts, and possibly start a new project or work on one of the UFOs that has been living in my car. In actuality, I enlarged a quilt back by adding two gi-normous strips (which took way more time than it should have), made a sample birthday block for our swap next year, completed the remaining 20 blocks for my Kaffe Blue City Life, made two dog pillows and bound one quilt. Not shabby, but perhaps I shouldn't compare myself to my friend Kim G., seen in the previous quilt post, who assembled five quilt tops in the same time frame. She also speaks several foreign languages fluently and has naturally curly long blond hair...

Here are a couple photos of my Kaffe Fassett Blue City Life blocks.
The quilt will get more anemic purple sashing around each block.
Since this quilt is for me, I will probably put it away until my next quilt weekend this fall, because I really should be working on my brother Jeff's surprise 50th birthday quilt, especially since his birthday is October 1st. 

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  1. Pretty quilt. LOL I always think I can get stuff done faster than I can.

  2. That looks beautiful. Love the colors.

  3. Love the fabrics you're using. Gorgeous!