Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cape Cod Quilt Show 2015, Favorite Quilts, Part Two

Hello Dear Blog Readers,

Here are another ten beautiful quilts from the Cape Cod Quilt Show. If you missed Part One, click here.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this rainbow bargello quilt. Ironically, I bought a kit to make this exact same quilt a couple of years ago at this same Cape Cod Quilt Show. I must dig it out and make it! Several of my favorite quilts were made by Laurie La Conte. I don't know her, it's just a coincidence but we obviously have the same taste in quilting!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Laurie La Conte

Under the Sea by Liz Kramer

First Kiss by Laure La Conte
Close-up of First Kiss
Bright Hexies by Judy Farrar
That thing with Feathers That Perches in the Soul by Julie Lariviere
Confetti by Beverly Hailey
Close-up of Confetti

Modern Squares by Hilary Ward
Down by the Sea by Laurie La Conte
Check out the amazing quilting in Down by the Sea. In the sandy color areas, she has quilted sea shells and star fish.
Another close-up of the wonderful quilting in Down by the Sea.
Holiday Lights by Beverly Haley
Duluth Trees by Hilary Ward

The PugMom Quilt Posse! From left to right: Sue, Marion, me and Joannie.

Here are the out takes!
Taking silly selfies with Marion. #1
Taking a second one that pretty much looks like the first one.
Squeezing in Sue!
Anybody want to see what I bought??? Thanks for visiting!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Yes. And thanks again for the view of the show. Love the smiles, too.

  2. Of course we want to see your stash acquisitions! Still another group of gorgeous quilts.