Monday, August 31, 2015

Blame it on Romeo!

Marion and I had planned to do some sewing on Saturday morning, but Romeo had other plans for us. He was coughing and sneezing when I took him and his pug brothers for their morning walk, so I called the vet at 8am and brought him in for a check-up.
Here is my brave little fella at the vet.
I can't say enough nice things about my vet and his office staff. They are so sweet and take such good care of the pug boys. Romeo has a sinus infection. I think he has seasonal allergies. He is always sneezing and coughing but he is severely congested this time.

By the time I got back from the vet, showered, etc., it was after 11am, so Marion and I decided to have an adventure instead. We're both morning people and like to start sewing early.

Off to Sewphisticated!
The pink and purple fabrics are batik. Not quilt shop quality, but I've used them plenty of times before and they are fine. I plan to use these two pieces for quilt backs. They were only $2.99 a yard! The black and white fabric has already been cut up and used for the back and future binding of Jeff's Star Trek quilt.
Marion and I had ice cream for lunch!
Then we went to Heart in Hands. We ran into my friend Ginny and I also saw my co-worker Jill who was taking a bag-making class (her first sewing class!). Upstairs in their bargain room, they have a table called the New England Stash Exchange. This is always my first stop. You can "trade in" your fabric for credit and it is sold through the Stash Exchange for $6 a yard. I hit it big on Saturday. Look at my new pretties!
I can never pass up a zebra print or a black, red and white print. The large groovy florals remind me of Lily Pulitzer and the colors were so fabulous. Not sure if I'll squander them on a pillowcase or save them for a bag. I'm not usually a pastel person, but I couldn't resist the fabric on the far right. There are some close-ups below.
I love the vintage vibe and the snarky "oh snap!".
Surely I can put "Ooh La La" to good use!
Downstairs they had an impressive collection of batik for 30% off! These went home with me.
Marion and I wrapped up our afternoon with a little more shopping at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods. I had a slice of pizza for dessert and our adventure drew to a close.

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Pugs and kisses,


  1. Oh wait fun...and Romeo will feel better now!

  2. Poor Romeo. I totally sympathize!

  3. Oh Romeo romeo.... sorry about the allergies. We have them too but your widdle nose is so small.
    Now as to the quirky glass reflection fabric... don't worry about that. You can either make something for me, or just send the fabric to me, either way it works for me. Okey-dokey? Thanks for going shopping! Ice cream lunch... very healthy missy! You and Marion need me to come along and tell you two to have some veggies first?? LeeAnna

  4. So was Romeo faking it? Looks like you had a good time though.