Friday, August 7, 2015

Cape Cod Quilt Show 2015, Favorite Quilts, Part One

Last Friday, Marion, Joannie, Sue, and I went to the Cape Cod Quilt Show. We saw our friends Nancy D., Kim P., and Wendy there. I also ran into my friend Etta, who I haven't seen in at least a year.

Lots of great quilt and lots of vendors to buy yummy fabric from! Below are ten of my favorite quilts from the show. I'll do a second post with another ten.
Kailey's Quilt.
The maker's name isn't listed on the photo I took of the label. If you know the maker I am happy to give her credit! Check out the close-ups of her beautiful machine quilting below.

A Drink of Stars by Julie Lariviere
Pink Spin by Ellen Bowler
Maggie's Quilt by Karen Gillagan
Outside of the Box by Noreen Couture
Liberty Day by Tere D'Amato
Close-up from Liberty Day
Close-up #2 from Liberty Day
Urban Owls by Sue Hart
Close-up of Urban Owls
Kate's Choice by Eileen Morgan
Dresden Garden Party by Sue Hart
Arabian Nights by Paula Tuano

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  1. urban owls, Karen's choice are my favorites. What a fun show, and I can just imagine you four set loose on the place. LeeAnna

  2. Thanks for sharing the show with us. Those are some beauties.

  3. Gorgeous quilts. Thanks for sharing.