Monday, January 7, 2013

Easy Street, Part Whatever...

I have not given up on Easy Street, merely put it away for the time being. As I've said before, this quilt has A LOT of pieces. I got together with the quilt girls on Sunday and here is how the rest of the team is doing...

Kim is in Florida visiting her parents. She hasn't checked in, but knowing her, we suspect that her quilt top is probably almost finished. Terry came late so I forgot to take her photo, but she is busily working on Step 3.

Joannie was working on Steps 3 and 4. Watch out for this girl, once she
gets started, she is a machine! Sally, at left, in black, and in motion, is also
working on Step 3. Joan S., on the far right, isn't working on Easy Street.

Marion is happily ironing. Looks like Step 2 or Step 3.

Joannie also came over tonight (Monday) and worked on
her quilt some more. Larry and Romeo competed shamelessly
for her attention, but she was not distracted.

Looking good, Joannie!

Quilt studio mascots, Romeo and Elvis

Elvis (again) and baby brother Larry.

Although I did not work on Easy Street, I did have my bathroom painted Bonnie Hunter blue! Recognize the paint? It's the middle color from the paint strip, called Exotic Sea (Valspar by Lowe's, #5004-10B). Isn't it pretty? Wonder what rooms I should paint lime green and purple...

For those of you further along than we are, check out this blog for some great border ideas, It's the cat's house, I just live here where she created several different options in EQ.

Linking up to Bonnie's blog about Easy Street. Looks like we'll be number 137 this week.

Pugs and kisses,

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  1. haha, I had a laugh at the bathroom colour from Easy Street! It's a lovely colour for the bathroom. How great that you were able to work on Easy Street with some friends. Keep at it, the end result is totally worth it. I wonder what she has planned for this year's mystery.