Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Not quite Santa's workshop

Sorry I haven't blogged much this month. Work has been keeping me very busy. Last week I went to Pittsburgh and Los Angeles to visit two of my clients. I flew about 5,211 miles over the course of three days and spent more time in an airplane than I did in a conference room. I did get to eat one fabulous meal at Fishing With Dynamite in Manhattan Beach. Most of my other meals were purchased on the run in the airport and eaten on a tray table high up in the sky.

A scene from my glamorous business travel
The flight from Pittsburgh to Dallas was complete with screaming baby and a fellow passenger with extremely poor hygiene, but fortunately most of my travel was uneventful. I flew on Jet Blue, American, and US Airways. American Airlines serves Dr. Pepper, but features the world's smallest seats. Jet Blue was probably the most comfortable and they didn't charge a fee to check your bag. US Airways wasn't bad either.

Since work has been so crazy, I've taken the pressure off myself at home by buying most of my holiday gifts. I'm still finishing up a quilted bag for my sister-in-law, Diane, but I won't see her until early January, so I have a little time dividend. I had great intentions of making a hand-made gift for each of my girlfriends, but there's always next year. Maybe if I get started in January, I'll be ready for the holidays in 2014.

Marion, Joannie, and Sue have been hanging out with me in The Studio as they put the finishing touches on some holiday gifts.

Sue, at right, knit these adorable Mickey Mouse sweaters for Joannie's
grand-daughter, Hayden, and new grand-baby on the way. Aren't they adorable?
I asked her if she could make a dog version for Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug.

I made bacon and BMX bike-racing pillowcases for my nephews.
Last weekend, I finished seven pillowcases. I have 15 more in progress.

Santa's elves, Joannie and Marion hard at work.

Joannie making pillowcases last night.

Joannie finished these pretty pink softball print pillowcases for her niece.
Yesterday, I gave my friend Eleanor her gi-normous king-size quilt for an early Christmas present. I was afraid that if I waited a few more weeks, I wouldn't want to give it away. She loved it!

My friend Cindy emailed me the photo below with "Awesome" as her subject line. I'm thrilled that she liked her birthday pillowcases so much.

Cindy is getting a few more dog pillowcases for Christmas.
She has six pillows on her bed, and only three of them have
"made by Nancy" pillowcases on them.
I hope that your holiday quilting and sewing is going well!

Pugs and kisses,

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  1. Pillowcases must be the gift item this year. I made 3 for the 3 grand nephews I sit for on Monday's, 2 Patriot's and 1 monster for the little one. Sorry I didn't make it to Thursday quilting to see everyone.