Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Weekend that Wasn't

Virtual Cape Cod Quilt Weekend, Part 1

Thanks to my Back Attack, I missed my November Quilt Weekend at the Cape.

The girls were good to me. Before leaving, Sue and Marion dropped by to give me some hugs and kisses, Sue also brought me a plate of home-made cookies (white chocolate chips with cranberries) and two novels. The rest of the weekend, most of the girls at the weekend made sure to reach out and call, email or text me. I felt loved, but I was in a lot of pain and I was miserable. I actually went to bed in tears on Friday night because I was so disappointed not to be there. I have never missed a Cape weekend before.

Anyways, the girls had a great time and were very productive. On Thursday, at 3:20pm, Kim P. logged in with the first photo. She did the machine quilting on this t-shirt quilt for Marion.
This is a t-shirt quilt that Marion made for her oldest granddaughter, Sydney as a college graduation gift. How long have I been friends with Marion? I remember the night that Sydney was born! Looks great, just needs binding!
Kim G. took lots and lots of photos and kept me laughing with the silly emails she would send me with funny captions.
Kim G. and her Kaffe umbrellas.
Cordula put together a Yellow Brick Road in 30s prints.
Cordula also worked on this Bento Box quilt in Kaffe Fassett prints.
Pat, at left, assembled her Dresses Quilt. Last time we were at the Cape, a drunken guest peering into our quilting room thought they were lampshades. Looks good, Pat! Also in Kaffe Fasset fabrics.
Pat also put together this quilt top.
Nancy D. put together her 2015 Birthday Blocks.
I'm particularly fond of this cute little owl.
This is one of Karen's newest patterns. Sign me up, I want one!
Kim P. worked diligently all weekend on her Judy Martin Snake River.
Here is the center of Kim's quilt all laid out and ready to sew. Amazing!
Part 2 tomorrow! Thanks for visiting.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Sorry you couldn't make it to the weekend. I hope your back is better. Thanks for the remote recap.

  2. Missed you!! Hope you're doing better

  3. Amazing quilters and quilts--so sorry your back is out--I can surely empathize--it is not fun...hope it gets better soon. Are you icing or do you use heat? I use ice and then do some gentle stretches after the worst is over....but it is just so tiring--I can understand why you cried. for sure!! hugs, Julierose

  4. I thought about you earlier... Glad you posted and hope you are feeling better!

  5. Gorgeous quilts. I am so sorry you missed your weekend. Are you feeling better yet?

  6. What a shame that you had to miss all of that creative fun. I hope you are up and running around soon.