Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Resolutions to Keep

A belated welcome to 2016. I'm looking forward to a great year. 2015 was one of the worst years that I've experienced in my life, both personally and professionally. I can only thank my wonderful husband, loving family and fabulous friends for helping me get through it. Hat's off to 2016!


This is my mantra for 2016. I'm not going to get consumed with quilting deadlines. Quilting is my hobby and it needs to be fun. I love to sew, it's been a passion of mine since I was in elementary school. Deadlines are for my real life, for my job that pays the bills and supports my hobby. I'm going to do what I want, went I want and make quilts for whomever I want.

Which segues nicely into the one resolution that I'm making, that I am guaranteed to keep. I'm going to buy fabric whenever I feel like it. Because buying fabric makes me happy.

These three huge bags of fabric came home with me last week. It's part of my extensive fabric rehabilitation project. I rescue fabric from a lonely life on the shelf at the fabric store and bring it home to my house for a happy ever after. I scored big at Sewphisticated last week, visiting two out of their three locations. Almost all of the fabric in these bags came from the remnant table at $2.49 a yard. How could I leave it there?

Want a peek?
This lovely floral came home from the Dorchester location with me on Tuesday. I scored six yards at $2.49 a yard. Would you leave it there? Originally I thought I might make some pillowcases, but almost in a dream the fabric told me that it wanted to go on the back of Rachel's horse quilt, Purple Neigh. Purple Neigh just needs some outer borders and it is ready to be sent out for quilting.
I also bought several yards of this lovely print on Saturday at the Framingham location. Marion and I had a fabric shopping day and we also met the lovely Miss Linda B. for lunch. I think it may go on the back of my Valentine Yellow Brick Road.
I had seen the Barbie fabric at the Dorchester location on Tuesday but managed to pass it up, at least then. But finding it on the remnant table on Saturday at the Framingham location was a sign that it was meant to be. Ironically, I also found the perfect fabric for the accent piece, but I bought it at full price at $3.99 a yard.
This will be a pillowcase for my best 6-year old gal pal, Lily.
And then there was the fabric that I bought from the people standing next to me in line. Ever done that? Luckily, they were only buying a yard to make a pillow. It is pre-quilted. This was $10 a yard. Every time I look at this fabric I find something new. The zany colors and patterns make me smile. There are large flowers and a giraffe (not seen here) and lots of zebra stripes. I didn't even see the birds in the print until I took this photo. I am going to use this fabric to make a jacket. It will certainly liven things up at my office!
Oh baby! My co-workers will need their sunglasses when I wear this!
Also in the three bags and not shown here deliberately: some fabric for my friend Lee Anna (not from the remnant table) and some adorable food fabric for my friend Sue. And I may also have purchased some fabric on Etsy too...

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  1. I know the feeling! I had a terrible 2015 and fabric therapy is helping me move on! ☺😀💜

  2. I know the feeling! I had a terrible 2015 and fabric therapy is helping me move on! ☺😀💜

  3. Wow! You did some shopping alright, lol. Pretty fabrics. May your 2016 be better.

  4. I love your resolutions! Of course you should buy more fabric since it makes you happy. :0)

  5. Love the way you operate and yes I have bought fabric from people in line on occasion!! Is that wild fabric for your jacket an Alexander Henry? I love getting great sale fabric for quilt backs. You did unbelievably well!!

  6. YES! I've bought the fabric the person in line has...that cracked me up! LOVE your husband and I just had the stop making every thing a list/goal talk this past weekend. I think as we move through lifes phases/chapters we learn and evolve. I started quilting as my empty next hobby and still occasionally,,uh be reminded to enjoy the process. I'm learning...gradually. Thankful for a patient husband!!

  7. When you don't enjoy it because of deadlines then you do not want to do it. I worked in IT for years and those death marches to monthly, quarterly, and yearly releases were brutal, so your hobby should not be. Cute fabric acquisitions.