Thursday, November 15, 2018

There will be beads...

This year I have had my own personal art renaissance. For many, many years I have devoted myself to sewing and quilting, but this year has been different. I've taken several different art classes and opened myself to new experiences and techniques. Marion and I started beading a year ago this past May, and it is a new hobby that I thoroughly enjoy. I also found a great art workshop near my house and have been taking lots of jewelry classes there.

I still like to sew and will continue to make quilts but thought you would enjoy seeing some of my newer endeavors.

Here's what happens when you combine two of your favorite things: beading and pugs!
This has been about six hours worth of love so far. It uses tiny, tiny size 15 seed beads. It is also dimensional, with several layers of felt to give it shape. Isn't my pug darling? It is intended to be a pin (brooch), but I want to try and put it on a large cuff bracelet.
This is a beaded embroidery kit that I bought on Etsy at The Lone Beader. Owner and designer, Diana Grygo, sells finished beaded dog and cat jewelry along with kits for her embroideries. I noticed that she lived nearby and reached out to her through Etsy and took a private bead embroidery lesson with her.

She invited me to her apartment and I was stunned and amazed to see the beautiful beaded "paintings" that she had displayed throughout her home. Diana works only in size 15 seed beads and creates large portraits of landmarks (the Citgo sign in Boston, the White House, and many more), vehicles, as well as pet portraits. I was so overwhelmed, I didn't take any photos. She is currently working on a beaded scene of Moscow. It is magnificent.

In addition to beads, there were babies!
Meet Pat's new twin granddaughters born on October 30th! Just in time for their first Halloween. Juliette is on the left, and Kerstin is on the right. So cute! I wish I could snuggle one right now!
BatMan enjoys beading too!
Thanks for the warm welcome back: Mary (glad you are safe from the fires in CA!), Colette, Mari (waving back to you and wishing I could see you at Thanksgiving), Lee Anna, Jenny, Julie and JulieRose!

Thanks for visiting!

Pugs and kisses,

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  1. Oh your pug beading is awesome. You know I may have some moccasins that could use some beading. :D I love seeing what you are up to on Facebook.