Friday, September 13, 2013

Doing Our Part

Last Sunday, Marion, Joannie and I made an effort to keep the Massachusetts economy alive and well. Yes, we went fabric shopping AGAIN.

First stop, Sewfisticated in Framingham
I was really please to find exactly what I was looking for at our first stop. I needed a turquoise background fabric for a class that I am taking in two weeks. At $3.99 a yard, I bought 8 yards. I bought a few other things as well...

They had a bin of 10 cent zippers. I bought 20 for $2.00.

I got a lot of goodies! Want to see what's in this bag?
Next stop, Fabric Place Basement
I bought this great bacon fabric to make pillowcases for my nephews.

I only bought the bacon fabric at Fabric Place Basement. However, right after our visit, Living Social offered vouchers ($20 for $40 worth of merchandise) and we all bought one (OK, so Joannie and I each bought two), so we have to go back. I mean, come on, if they want to give me free stuff, I have no argument!

I love this sign at Fabric Place Basement! It was not for sale,
although I have seen similar ones, albeit smaller ones, on Etsy.

Third stop, Jo-Ann Fabrics. I bought a 2014 calendar using a 40% off
coupon. Again, I'm proud to be doing my part for my country.
Fourth stop, Button Box Sewing Center. I was getting tired,
but summoned enough energy to buy a magazine.
Want to see what's in my bag from Sewphisticated? Aren't you glad you kept reading?

This will be a pillowcase for one of my clients. She is an 80+ year old lady,
still working, who has season tickets to the Steelers. She loves football!

Upholstery weight fabric, only $2.99 a yard. Too pretty to leave behind.
It may become a tote bag. Looking at it on my screen, if I
varnished it, it would be a gorgeous floor cloth....

Something wild. You know I can't resist an animal print.
The bottom two are upholstery weight.

Adorable music fabric to make a pillowcase for my
3-year old friend Lemi who loves to sing and play the drum.

This is the craziest fabric ever, but at $1.99 a yard I had to buy
a piece. It is three different prints, flames, hibiscus and bugs,
almost 60" wide. No idea what I'm going to use this for. The
saleswoman thought it might have originally been printed
for a manufacturer to do a run of boys' shorts.

What I went shopping for...the turquoise background fabric.
For those of you who think that I do nothing but shop, I want to let you know that Marion and I did sew for two hours on Sunday morning before we picked up Joannie to go shopping, because the fabric stores don't open until noon. So, it was a 2 to 1 ratio of shopping to sewing that day.

A miserable rainy day here today. It would be a great day to spend sewing, but I have to go to work.

Have a great day!

Pugs and kisses,


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  2. Just found your blog! So cute. Former pug owner and fabric fanatic too.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Lots of fabric and pugs here!

  3. Beautiful fabric selections. I can already picture those animal prints as a bag :-).

  4. That was a fun honest post!! I am sure you will find something for that three print fabric, maybe a quilt back that just looks like you went to a lot of work to piece together. That was a bargain!