Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm suffering from withdrawal. We are supposed to be having a productive weekend at home. Cleaning, running errands, getting the house back in order. All kinds of fun stuff. So far I have gone to the Post Office and mailed 5 packages (2 returns/exchanges and 3 gifts), gotten the car inspected and the tank filled ($50 yikes!!) and picked up a prescription. I even managed to sneak in a pedicure since everything got done in record time. Still more wedding gifts to put away, boxes to recycle and thank you notes to write!

Yet, I'd rather be starting new projects. There is a very old jewel box quilt kit sitting right next to me on my desk that is beckoning. Last weekend, the girls and I went to the Button Box and to Fabric Place. I think that I may have gone to Joann Fabrics earlier in the week or was it Sewphisticates? There are about half a dozen fleece blanket kits to make before it is summer again!! I'd even be willing to work on the Birthday Blocks for my Sunday Bee Group! I have one more round to go (four pieces, though) on five  blocks and I'll be all caught up through August. Hooray! Plus one is even for me!!

My life is a quilting buffet and I've put too much on my plate!! Next door to me, Mike is in his office playing his guitar. Where is my quilting time???

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