Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm suffering from fabric envy. Yesterday, Carol and I went to Fabric Place Basement. Ostensibly Carol was looking for jungle print fabric and I was just going along for the ride so I could get out of the house and avoid doing any more cleaning. Yeah. Right. As always, I didn't need anything, still don't need anything, will probably never need anything, but who can resist when the fabric is $2.99 and $3.99 a yard?

So, I'm navigating the aisles and looking at the fabric, but really trying hard not to look because I really don't need ANYTHING. There are two older ladies on the other side of the table looking through a pile of batiks...have I mentioned that I really like batik? So, they keep pulling out pieces and exclaiming loudly to each other, "well look at this one" and "ooh, now check out this one." So before long, I'm peaking over the table, and they've pulled out all my favorite colors of blue and turquoise and purple. Then one of the ladies pulls out this really pretty blue batik with dragonflies on it. Then one lady says to the other lady, "well I really like this one, but I don't want to buy the whole piece. Do you think you have to buy the whole piece?" And at this point, I lean over and helpfully say, "No, you don't have to buy the whole piece, but I think you need to leave at least a yard or 1/2 yard."

So, yes, then I blatantly observe them going through the batik table, while coveting the dragonfly fabric. And, finally I ask the lady if she's not going to buy the whole piece, can I buy some, and she says, "yes." I also spy a wonderful piece of turtle batik in her pile but she is planning to buy the whole piece. When she and her friend finally walk away from the batik table, I scour the rest in hopes of finding another piece of turtles, but alas there are no more, so I have to console myself with 4 yards of purple batik.

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  1. I didn't know about the Fabric Place Basement. I need a field trip!!!