Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last week was a semi-quilty week...

What I mean by that is that I didn't get too much sewing done, but as always, managed to purchase a few things, spent some time with my quilting buddies and even went to a quilt show!

I noticed that my last two posts started with "I'm suffering...". I have to write something positive or I may have to rename my blog "Quilter's Angst!" Anyway, instead of lamenting today, let me just say how lucky I am to have such good gal pals who are also my quilting buddies. I've belonged to a small private bee group, known as the Brown Baggers, for close to 20 years now. We meet once a month and hold several quilt weekends. There are about 18 of us. Some of the girls I only see at meetings, and a couple of them are my nearest and dearest, who I speak to daily. When Mike and I got married in February in Florida, all six of my girlfriends made the trip. Four of them are quilt buddies. I also belong to a weekly group that meets on Thursday nights. I look forward to my monthly Sunday meetings and weekly Thursday nights and try to plan my schedule around them.

Good girlfriends are irreplaceable. They can get you through anything. Like any other group we've gone through illness, death and divorce. This year, happily, we have a lot of good things in our future. I got married, two of my girlfriends are becoming grandmothers for the first time and we had some big birthdays to celebrate! My friend Marion turned 75, although you would never guess it. Another one of our Brown Baggers, turned 80!

Have a great day!


P.S. I'm starting to take some photos and will try to figure out how to post them here! It will make it more exciting!

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