Friday, June 8, 2012

Berkshire Quilt Week in Photos

Sorry to have left you all hanging! Meant to write Part 2 of the post, but life has gotten in the way...lots of traveling for work and a busy social life for the newlyweds in June. Almost every weekend is booked. I'm already tired!

Anyway, here are some more photos. At the top is my one finished project. It is a giraffe baby quilt. I've had the giraffe fabric forever and it was calling to get out of the box. I don't think the finished project "sings", so I'm a little disappointed. I wish that I had enough giraffe fabric for the borders. Not sure if I'll put this one in my Etsy shop or give it as a gift. Below the giraffe quilt is a photo of my animal baby quilt in progress. I did applique all of the little animals on my vacation. Next, I need to embroider all the animal noises. This quilt is for my cousin Joel and his wife Anelia who are having their first baby this month. Joel is 52, so he's definitely going to be having an adventure!

Here is Joannie hard at work on her Apple Quilt and here is the completed top! This is a gift for her cousin. The colors are quite eye-popping in person. Joannie's cousin loves apples and has decorated her house with them, so it is sure to be a hit!

Here is Sally with her lovely quilt top that she finished at the Berkshires! It was a John Flynn class from the Vermont Quilt Festival. I can't remember the name of the pattern. Below is Cheryl's (camera-shy) lovely Row by Row Oriental Quilt. Wish I had participated! Cheryl made the top row and the quilt was passed through the group and everyone added their own row. Sally has a wonderful Winter Row by Row, but I didn't take a photo. Bummer!
Here is the diligent Kim P working on her Orca Bay Mystery from Bonnie Hunter's wonderful website: I believe that Kim said that there were 700 of those teeny tiny triangles to make! It will be a stunner when it's finished. Note: this was a free pattern, however Bonnie has taken it down because the pattern is now included in her new book, coming out this summer!

Happy Quilting! Have a great weekend!
Pugs and kisses,

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