Monday, June 18, 2012

New York City Quilts!

This past weekend, Mike and I went to New York City and attended a multi-family, multi-event party! We celebrated my Mom and my Uncle Stanley's 75th birthdays (respectively this past Sunday and coming in July), as well as my nephew Ben's 10th birthday (in early June) and double Father's Day (my Dad and my Uncle Stanley). About a month ago I had the brilliant idea to make a New York City quilt as a birthday gift for my Mom, who is a native New Yorker. Then I decided that I should make one for my Uncle Stanley as well, since we were also going to be celebrating his 75th birthday and he is also a native New Yorker. Both Mom and Uncle Stanley have relocated to warmer climates in retirement; Mom and Dad to sunny Florida, Uncle Stanley and Aunt Marcia (Mom's youngest sister) to even sunnier Hawaii. Did I mention that my brilliant idea occurred while I was on my quilting week in the Berkshires? While I was away, I ordered all of the fabric from, most of the New York prints are theirs exclusively. The fabric arrived shortly after I came home from my trip. I made both quilts in a generous lap size in the yellow brick road pattern from Terri Atkinson at Look closely and you'll find subway maps, famous NYC landmarks including the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, yummy bagels of all flavors and of course, the ubiquitous New York City taxi!

Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish both quilts in three weeks, but I brought both tops to show the intended recipients and my Mom and my Uncle were very excited. Next, I need to mail them off to the machine quilter so I can get them quilted!

I did get to visit City Quilter in person on my trip. They even have an adjacent quilt gallery with rotating exhibits. Mike went in for a few minutes then headed off happily to the camera store. City Quilter was celebrating "Bernina Day" and having customer raffles and I won a small Minkee blanket kit. I bought a pattern for a rag rug because I knew that I would have to carry everything home. I also bought a quilting magazine because I knew we were going to the classical guitar store next and I wanted Mike to have all the time that he wanted. He is always very patient when I go to the quilt store.

My sister-in-law, Diane, also loved the quilts, so there may end up being a third one in the series!

Pugs and kisses,

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