Saturday, September 8, 2012

In a New York State of Mind

I am proud to show you both of these finished quilts, which I blogged about previously in June at

Romeo, left, and Larry try out Grandma's new quilt!

Here is a full view of my Mom's quilt.

I found some really cute theme fabric for the back of Mom's quilt!

Here is the second quilt that I made for my Uncle Stanley.

The back of Uncle Stanley's quilt has Hawaiian postcards!

I usually try to buy inexpensive fabric for quilt backs or piece them out of leftovers from the front, but these are special quilts for a significant birthday! I was tickled to find both Hawaii and Florida fabric at eQuilter, one of my favorite online quilt stores

I think there will be at least a third New York quilt in the series, since when I presented the tops to my Mom and my Uncle at their party, my sister-in-law Diane went NUTS for them and shyly asked for one of her own. SSShhh, don't tell her!

Mom--your quilt will be in the mail next week as soon as I sew the label on the back!

Here is my darling Elvis who missed the quilt photo shoot (above) and demanded that I include his photo!

Two blog posts in one day! Must go downstairs and pay some attention to my darling Hubby Mike!

Pugs and kisses to all,



  1. Nancy,
    You never fail to amaze w' your talent & patience at creating your FANTABULOUS QUILTS - you're pretty 'AWESOME' as a quilter, friend, mummy to 3 pugs now & of course wife to Mike.

    Romeo & Larry look a little too comfy on your Mum's new quilt.

    Sending Love & Hugs from downunder
    Lorraine xXx

    *Do tell 'ELVIS' he looked suave & sophisticated in his solo shot - wont you?

    *You Must be busy, as it seems like ages since our last catch up - I Miss You LOADS! And hearing about the goings on of married life & a 3rd pug & how it's all working out for you.

    *Where as for me … sigh … I just seem to get over one thing healthwise & get another - not fair [starting to feel the universe is against me – how paranoid is that?] :(

    ****I'm sick of ALL the PAIN - wears me down***

    *Also we've just had our 1st yr Anniversary of life without our little princess 'Sheri' (our special 'poopie') 6th Sept very sad :o(
    *Bob & I on the 4th Sept celebrated 19yrs! How time flies!

  2. Great quilt, love all the colors and very dynamic.