Monday, September 10, 2012

Nothing says Love like cheese balls

My husband Mike loves to cook. The first time he offered to make dinner for me back when we began dating, I offered to pick up the groceries. One of the items he requested was "shallots." I had no idea what they were. I had to ask the man in the grocery department for assistance. Shallots are not to be confused with scallions. Shallots are little brown things that look like tulip bulbs. Scallions are long and skinny green things. Both of them kind of taste like onions.

Dinner in our house is never a simple affair. Mike prefers recipes with at least 27 ingredients, the more obscure the better. He loves to visit the Indian grocer, the Chinese grocery store or search several supermarkets for the perfect piece of lamb. Often it takes him two hours to create what we eagerly scoff down in just 15 minutes.

Last night we had leftovers for dinner. Poor Mike hurt his arm last week in Maine, so I actually made chicken Parmesan (one of the few things I can cook that is edible) on Friday for dinner. I made extra so Mike wouldn't have to cook over the weekend, but he offered to make a salad. My salad comes out of a bag and my dressing comes out of a bottle.

Here is Mike's salad...

This salad is made of baby spinach and heirloom green zebra tomatoes that Mike raised in our garden. He made the salad dressing from scratch. And the little brown things that look like croutons are actually hand-rolled balls of goat cheese that Mike coated in toasted pine nuts that he crushed in his food grinder. I love a man with a food grinder!


Pugs and kisses,

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